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Nerf Now!! 2661 - 2670

Nerf Now!! 2661

I'll be very surprised if there isn't at least some drama at this Blizzcon. If Blizzard is lucky it will be just some youtuber in a Winnie cosplay fishing for their 5 minutes of fame, if they are unlucky things may end up physical and police in riot gear bashing people won't be good publicity.

Drama aside I'm interest in Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 so at least this time I have something gaming related to look for.

А вот и трейлер Death Stranding!
Сейчас я его гляну и сделаю о нём весёлый выпуск.

Перед просмотром трейлера я был в замешательстве, а теперь я в замешательстве И напуган.

Death Stranding для меня выглядит странным шоу, я не знаю, что внутри, но я знаю, что оно будет беспокоить.

I'm not enjoying the new tablet and this coupled with my computer not being so hot really soured my mood so this will be a short rant.

Blizzcon was fine. Diablo 4 seen promissing but it's hard to judge without knowing the systems, but the mood is dark and gothic.

Hearthstone is more of the but the new auto-battle more looks promissing.Very promissing.

World of Warcraft is even more of the same. I don't think they announced a single new feature. No garrison, no island expedition, no no artifact weapon. There are convenants but it's just faction with a new fancy name. Going back to basics?

Overwatch 2 seen to focus on PvE content, and this is good. People are calling Blizzard greedy but if you have Overwatch 1 you are not missing anything you didn't had already and both games have cross-play for the PvP stuff so I think it's very fair.

That's all, computer sucks, new tablet sucks, Blizzcon okay, Jo mad and emo.


Computer is acting like a mean bitch and syphoned out all my will to use it.

I'll need to find a solution for that soon so sorry for no rant today.

Be well out there


I know more than one good artist who don't like to draw horses. I also don't like it but the difference is I'm not good enough to draw it in a half-decent way.

I'm trying to back up the necessary files on my computer to reinstall windows, hoping it will make the machine work better. Wish me luck!

Sometimes a comic write itself, thanks Sakurai for all the good games and memes.

Imagine if I was the leader artist on Game Freak and worked in the company for 20 years but ALL I know how to draw was cutesy monsters.

Than one day one guy come and say they want Pokemon to have a 3d world with buildings and vehicles and I was supposed to draw it all and to avoid losing face I just lie to my teeth saying this would be a terrible idea which would not improve the game.

That's pretty much what I believe happens at Game Freak, they seen like a relic of the past who hold to their life to the single formula they know how to execute because they know very well they lack the skill to do anything different but if they admit it they'll open up the door to being replaced by someone who know how to do it.

There is this theory Slender Man Sonic was just a ruse to generate buzz but given how bad others Hollywood movies been lately I won't discard the old Sonic going to be the real finished product.

However, I also think deep inside they know they had a dud in their hands and they opened the possibilty of a re-shoot even before releasing the trailer. Hell, I won't discard they already been working on the redesign before the terrible fan reaction.

I still think it will be a very vanilla summer comedy BUT between Jim Carey performance and non-ugly Sonic it may be a passable option. Just don't expect anything videogame related outside Sonic being there.

I don't really have a subscription button but I do have a Patreon and suddenly this comic is very meta.

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