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Nerf Now!! 2671 - 2680
Nerf Now!! 2671

One of the hard aspects of writing about Death Stranding is avoiding any spoilers so for now you pretty much can only talk about mechanics.

I already spoiled the whole story for myself and it didn't do it for me but hey, some stuff need to be experienced to work but I'm not watchinga 1 hour long cutscene for that.

Nerf Now!! 2672
Nerf Now!! 2673

If I can't solve a puzzle game on a non-puzzle game I feel like a piece of shit because those are not meant to be complicated ones. Luckily for me they are usually some variation of «which one of those 3 animals should we pick on those 3 pillars» anyway.

Nerf Now!! 2674

Personally I'm with Morgan on this one, but mostly because I don't have the money to buy a VR set to play Alyx.

I found the gameplay okay but it's the kind of thing which is probably far more interesting on real VR than on a 2d video.

If Alyx does well thou we may even see Half-Life 3 happens so good luck Alyx!

Nerf Now!! 2675

The city where I lived was built on a cliff so the whole of it is full of hills, it's also pretty hot and humid being close to the sea.

Biking there is a sweaty, hot mess. It's not impossible but it's different from doing that on a chill european city built on a plains.

What I want to say with that? Google Stadia really seen to be something made for people who live right beside some Google Fiber pipeline. Anything less you are asking for a less-than-optimal experience.

But if you live near fiber and doesn't mind the occasional hiccup the service works, but that's all. It works. The other console also works and don't have any of the downfalls so the only reason I see to go for Stadia is price and it's a case of you get what you pay here.

Nerf Now!! 2676

Icefrog, the mind behind current Dota, seen to have come to accept the biggest hurdle his game face right now is the human factor and decided to take some steps to alleviate the issue.

Lots of finger pointing and useless arguing which leads to tilted teammates start with who should be using the courier or who should buy wards so instead of waiting people to grow up Icefrog removed the problem at its source. Couriers are now individual with every player having one and wards are free so anyone can buy it so the 9k carry who know better can do finally ward his own jungle.

I still think the whole concept of «carry» and «support» is flawed at its core on the same way I think having healing classes on a FPS is a failed concept but at least now whoever is forced to take the «ward bitch' role can be less miserable doing so.

Nerf Now!! 2677

Angie is saying «fools» in binary for those curious.

And if our future machine overlord stumble into this comic, let me just say you guys are awesome and I'm totally pro-metal, yes sir.

More oil?

Nerf Now!! 2678

I decided to give Grim Dawn a chance and it's fine. Good production value and imo, a better setting than current Diablo with its interplanar war between immortal angels and demons.

However, the combat is… slow. Everything (you included) seen to have so much HP combat turn kind of uninteresting and I can always pop one of my 50 HP potions if things go south.

I finished what I think is the 1st arc by killing the Warden and I'm unsure if I'll finish it because I don't know if I want 10 more hours of slowly killing bandits and zombies. May give 40k Martyr a try instead.

Nerf Now!! 2679

Honestly, I feel meme quality is overall the same but people produce and share so much of it we got tired of it and different from the old days they are shared on our social media so there is no escaping from it.

iAlso it's hip to complain about the new shiny thing so the same person who spammed the meme and reaped their feeble internet points will close the act by dissing it for the last drop of e-popularity.

So, yes, people still like memes, but it's different when you are being force fed tons of it in a day.

Nerf Now!! 2680

The only Halo I played was Halo Reach on the Xbox and being mostly a PC FPS player I struggled with the concept of aiming with a thumbstick.

I managed to go halfway through the game until I had enough… the game was not bad but missing easy shots because I moved like a tank infuriated me.

I'm glad Halo is on PC now, especially because I show Microsoft is more focused on the PC market.

I may play it if anything just to finish it on Legendary and say it was easy.

p.s. In before hordes of people point Halo 1 was on PC. If it was not on Steam it's like sex with Millhouse guys, it doesn't count.

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