Nerf Now!! 2663

I'm not enjoying the new tablet and this coupled with my computer not being so hot really soured my mood so this will be a short rant.

Blizzcon was fine. Diablo 4 seen promissing but it's hard to judge without knowing the systems, but the mood is dark and gothic.

Hearthstone is more of the but the new auto-battle more looks promissing.Very promissing.

World of Warcraft is even more of the same. I don't think they announced a single new feature. No garrison, no island expedition, no no artifact weapon. There are convenants but it's just faction with a new fancy name. Going back to basics?

Overwatch 2 seen to focus on PvE content, and this is good. People are calling Blizzard greedy but if you have Overwatch 1 you are not missing anything you didn't had already and both games have cross-play for the PvP stuff so I think it's very fair.

That's all, computer sucks, new tablet sucks, Blizzcon okay, Jo mad and emo.


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