Freefall 0001 - 0010
Freefall 0001

The adventure begins!

Not too far into the future. Terraformed new planet Jean.


We're really getting an engineer, Sam?

We need
one, Helix.

With an engineer on board, we may finally get our starship flying again.

We almost got
it flying last month.

Yes. It's a shame the
parade committee made us give their balloons back.

Freefall 0002

The adventure begins!


It's time, Helix, to admit the damage to our ship is beyond even my duct taping skills.

Of course, we did buy it used… after the explosion… and the subsequent crash landing…

[!1.5]But it was cheap!

And that's the important thing.

Freefall 0003

The adventure begins!


Let's see. You're here for Florence Ambrose, arriving on “The Asimov”. Yes, she's here, but still in cold sleep.

Still in cold sleep? It'll be hours before they thaw her out!

Which gives us plenty of time to go through her personal effects!

[!1.4]Dibs on the batteries!

Freefall 0004

The adventure begins!


Can we go help the medical technicians, Sam?

I don't think so, Helix. Defrosting someone from cold sleep is a job only for highly trained personnel.

Set Microwave timer for 30 seconds, press start…

Freefall 0005

The adventure begins!


Sam, can we afford an engineer?

No, but we don't have to. She's been sent to us by a clerical error.

She was supposed to go to 1071-CNN, but is actually coming to our ship, 1071-CCN.



We got lucky?

Well, luck had less to do with it than the two cases of brandy I sent the shipping clerk.

1071-CCN – the number of the ship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the Star Trek series, recorded opposite

Freefall 0006

The adventure begins!


Okay, let's see what we've got.

Test equipment, clothes, brushes, data disks, and a rawhide chew toy.

You can find out a lot about people by going through their luggage.

And it's so much more fun than just asking them.

Freefall 0007

The adventure begins!


Is it all right for us to go through Florence's luggage like this?

Helix, this is a busy place. No one is going to mind.

Okay, starport security might mind, but no one else.









Freefall 0008

Doggy! First appearance of Florence


Helix, look over there. Have you ever seen anyone like that before?


Hmmm. I guess not.

Фло похожа на одну из разновидностей рационализаторов в серии настольных ролевых игр и книг-приключений Justifiers RPG

Freefall 0009

Doggy! First appearance of Florence



I am not a “Doggy”, I am a Bowman's Wolf, a genetically altered lifeform created by “Ecosystems Unlimited”.


His CPU doesn't pick up on all clock cycles, does it?

Freefall 0010

Doggy! First appearance of Florence


Hello, I'm Florence Ambrose.

You're the engineer we're supposed to meet! What are you doing in detention?

I need to stay here until I pass quarantine. It was nice of you to come down to wait with me.

No, we're here because of umph!

Yes, it was nice of us, wasn't it?

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