Freefall 2681 - 2690

Freefall 2681


I've placed Clippy in police lock up, gotten the pizza, and arrived at Mr. Raibert's house without incident.

Not that I'm complaining, but it usually takes a lot longer to get from point A to point B around here.


Mr. Raibert. Are you ever going to go to bed?

I can sleep later. You got the pizza. Did you get the robot and the wolf?

Yes. Both are in safe locations.

I want Clippy. I want him in a secure compound under ecosystems unlimited control.

That robot is evidence.

A nuclear weapon can be evidence. That doesn't mean if the police grab one that we're going to let you keep it.


Without the robot, it will be harder for the prosecution to prove its case against Mr. Kornada.

Does there need to be a case?

Mr. Kornada is our employee. We can handle his discipline.

Planning to kick him upstairs again?

Not a chance. He messed up too big and too publicly. It's golden parachute time for him.

Нахрен выдавать этому уроду “золотой парашют”? Он, может, только этого и добивался! Аррр (Robot Spike)
Если “Экосистемс Анлимитед” его накажут, их обвинят в дискриминации по признаку IQ, например) (Silent_Wrangler)
Надеюсь, в этой версии “золотого парашюта” к ногам привязывают мешок со слитками и выкидывают над морем из самолета.


As much as I'm sure a generous severance package and pension will teach Mr. Kornada the error of his ways, I plan to prosecute.

If we expect robots to support the rule of law, we have to show the law will protect them when they're wronged.

If the robots observe the law does not support them, or worse, that the law and police are their enemy, we've set ourselves up for failure.

Chief, you have a terrible annoying habit of making sense.


Mister Kornada will be tough to prosecute.

Computer fraud and abuse act. He exceeded his authorized access.

That law is really fuzzy in what it means.

I know. That's why I plan to ask for only one minute of community service.

One minute! That's not punishment, that's.. oh, four hundred and fifty million counts.

I'm hoping he'll plea bargain for fifteen seconds before his lawyer does the math.

200-900 лет, в зависимости от того, как считать (plBots)
Закон о компьютерном мошенничестве: Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Соглашение о признании вины (англ. Plea bargain), так что речь идет о сокращении с 1 минуты до 15 секунд. (plBots)


Now about Mister Ishiguro's robot Clippy. Mister Ishiguro is the financial officer of this colony.

He is here to ensure the colony does not go independent before Ecosystems Unlimited has been paid. He has large discretionary powers to ensure this occurs.

And after we've paid them?

That depends on how profitable we are. If we're profitable, all's good. If we're not, we may find ourselves an independent world without wanting to be.


Clippy is designed to keep track of finances. Both on and off the books. Ecosystems Unlimited will not allow a general interrogation.

Since we can't come to an agreement, I propose we seal Clippy in the police vault. You set the code to open it.

Neither of us will be able to access him without co-operation from the other.

In the name of it's late and eventually we both want to sleep, I agree to that deal.


You can keep Clippy secure, right?

Definitely. The vault will be set up so only you can open it and Dvorak is bringing over a reinforced cage he made for the containment of dangerous electronic life forms.

This cage. It is something he built in case of, or because of?

If you want to sleep tonight, you don't want the answer to that question.


The door's unlocked. Captain, you're not afraid of my little dog, are you?

Of course I'm not afraid. I laugh at fast moving ankle height toothy carnivores!

How about when you're not out of reach?

Then I run screaming, but in defiance, not fear.


Captain, my house is your house. Anything you want, just ask.


Anything other than Beekay. Robots like to build and with over twenty thousand robots for every human, the hard part is getting only one replacement item instead of three.

Well, this is a horrible side effect of automation. The only thing I can steal here is his dog, and I have a rule against stealing anything that will try to eat me.

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