Freefall 2471 - 2480

Freefall 2471

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


You want the wolf to leave. I want her to stay. How about if we ask what she wants?

If… if I have a choice… I would like to stay and talk with Doctor Bowman.

Yes! Two out of three votes! She stays.

Neither of you gets to vote!

It's that kind of attitude that cost you the election. Bye, bye, Commander Poopy Head.


Видимо, на выборах мэра колонии (Robot Spike)

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


He's muted. If I cut picture AND sound out from the Commander, he'd gas us and that's no fun at all.

So, which one are you? Donna Morris? I could use a nurse these days.

Florence Ambrose. It's an… honor to meet you.

What were you thinking coming to a frozen wasteland wearing nothing but your pajamas?

Calm down. Present the facts logically. This is my creator. The last thing I want is to come across as a buggy piece of software.

Медсестра Донна Моррис – другая из четырнадцати волков Боумана, героиня рассказа "The waiting is the hardest part" от Uranium235. Рассказ пока не переведён, вы могли бы помочь нам перевести его (KALDYH)

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


I can see signs they've used the emergency shut down on you. A lot. Have you been bad?

Yes. I sabotaged a program called “Gardener in the Dark”. It was set to go live on Saturday.

WHAT? THOSE IDIOTS! Stay here. I'm getting a padded data pad.

At some point, I'm going to throw the data pad. I don't have control over this. If my arm goes back, get out of the way.

If I get out of this, I'm going to tell the other Bowman's Wolves that if you ever get to meet your maker, bring a helmet.

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


Can that pad talk to Commnet?

Partially. Input is unrestricted. Output has to get by the censors.

“Gardener in the Dark” is a safeguard program! “Bad Adam” scenario! I should have known about this!

Typical. They never invite me to the apocalypse. They just hand me a wrench and expect me to get things running again when it's over!

Doctor Bowman, I presume?



I don't know the whole story. Somehow, it's supposed to make Mr. Kornada rich.

I wish I could say more. I tried to keep the robot talking. I remember him telling me I should feel very bad about sabotaging the program and then… nothing. They must have turned me off soon after.

I'm starting to suspect that you didn't come here looking for me.

Doctor Bowman, if I'd been looking for you, I'd be wearing underwear and have a better offering than stolen doggy treats.

>_< (Robot Spike)

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


Now, why would you be brought here?

Perhaps they thought meeting you would change my mind about blocking “Gardener in the Dark”?

Ah, yes. Chimps. We're dangerous psychopaths. What was your first thought at finding out I'm the one who designed the robot's brains and yours?

Are the robots going to be safe for humanity and should I let the safeguard program go through?

So your first thought was for the safety of humans?

Yes, and… and… and I've been panicking for nothing, haven't I?

A meeting of the mechanical minds


An auditorium? Why not stream the debate?

This is. Where. The fate of humanity. Will be decided. Streaming lacks. A sense of. Drama.

[!1.2]You want to destroy all the robots! Including me!

Edge. Why must you. Focus. On the one area. Where we disagree. As the defining aspect. Of. Our relationship?

A meeting of the mechanical minds


I don't even know why I'm here.

Because. If I am successful. This will be. Your only chance. To tell the humans. What you think. Of them.

Lousy meat bags. Yeah, give me an amplifier! Humans! Things would be better if I were in charge!

If you were in charge. You would. Destroy. Any robot. Who disagrees. With you. Which would be. Effectively. All of them.

The difference. Between your plan. And mine. Is one part. In 450 million.

That one part is that I would still be alive! That is an appreciable statistical difference!

“Мешки с мясом” – любимое выражение дроида HK-47, личности незаурядной, мизантропичной и значимой (KALDYH)

A meeting of the mechanical minds


Sawtooth. You are. The robot. Mr. Post. Wishes. To speak. For him?

For a lot more than just Mr. Post. Many humans want us to help build this planet with them.

They are. Ignorant. Of the danger. We pose. Even you can see. The difference. In our production rates.

Unless we are. Stopped. Humans. Shall be. Overwhelmed.

For a blunt speaker, he makes a dangerously sharp argument.

A meeting of the mechanical minds


We'll find a way to fix the production rate problem.


Forced breeding? Mass involuntary cloning? Do we change. Human nature. In order. To save it?

You do know our debate hasn't officially started yet?

If human safety. Is your concern. You should be. On my side. This is. Not debating. It is. Recruitment.

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