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Freefall 2011

When robot factories go to war


This is… interesting. The battleground is past the half way point for each robot. In theory, the robot armies won't have enough power to get to the others' factory. Very picturesque if you want to show robots are a danger without losing infrastructure.

However, each army is only twenty percent of the available robots. Sixty percent of the robots went inert before the armies left. Three extra packs per robot, they'll have plenty of power to reach the others' factory.

Whoever set up this little war. I'm afraid we must cheat them out of a very expensive learning experience.

When robot factories go to war


Florence. A warrant has been issued for Max post's arrest. Hacking. Unauthorized access to robotic operating systems. And jail breaking a PS3.

Was Max post on his way to this battle?

Yes. I've warned him to turn back. This battle was a honey pot.

I find out about a program that lobotomizes robots. A war is staged for robots to fight each other. Plans go into motion to remove the robots' strongest advocate. Normally, things don't get this complicated until the fifth date.

When robot factories go to war


Are we doing anything illegal here?

Not that I can see, and I've checked and double checked.

All we're doing is delivering parts as a public service.

Where we'll ensure warring robots continue to have access to nuclear power.

Stated like that, it does make us sound a tad irresponsible.

When robot factories go to war


Mr. Thurmad. By delivering these parts, we will end this conflict. Thousands of robots will be spared needless destruction.

Your actions this day will be remembered and held in esteem.

Well, I suppose it might be nice to be remembered as something other than “the parasite guy” for a chance.

When robot factories go to war



No. It wasn't me alone. Sawtooth let us know about the situation. Bennie provided the transportation, and Florence got the parts. It was a group effort.


I seem to be cursed with natural charisma.

Fine by me. As a detective, I like having someone else as the center of attention.

When robot factories go to war


Winston, you need to cover your ears.

That is one strange looking wave.

Still, start with the obvious. What is more likely? A seismic event or twenty thousand people in a small area all shouting “doggy”?

Tex Tonics Seismic Institute

When robot factories go to war


Why did you go to war?

Robot 01021920 told me war was the only way to resolve the conflict.

Why did you decide on war?

I didn't. Robot 04301938 told me war was the only way to resolve the conflict.

Robot 08071933 told me war was the only way to resolve the conflict.

As a detective, there is a time to realize that legwork isn't getting you anywhere.

В номерах роботов записаны дни рождения знаменитых писателей-фантастов:
2 января 1920 г. – Айзек Азимов
30 апреля 1938 г. – Ларри Нивен
7 августа 1933 г. – Джерри Пурнель

When robot factories go to war


Not including removal of power packs, how many robots have been rendered non-functional at your factory in the last 48 hours?


How many were destroyed in a fashion that would render their memory non-recoverable?

One. Threw itself into a metal chipper.

What we need is the Enron law of robotics. If you contain evidence of a crime, do not obey orders to shred yourself.

When robot factories go to war


Incoming ship. Make a hole!

Good morning! This is Rants Freely of Overhype News, bringing you the latest on the robot war. Our younger viewers may want to close this window if they are upset by the sight of mechanical mayhem.

Hello? Am I at the right place?

You certainly are. My opponent is down two pawns, a bishop, and a rook! It's a slaughter!

Overhype News

Джошуа – ИИ из фильма "Военные игры" призванный своевременно реагировать на возможный акт агрессии со стороны вероятного противника. В конце фильма предлагает сыграть в шахматы.
Джошуа Вайцкин – американский шахматист и мастер Тайцзицюань (боевое искуство). Партию найти не удалось.

Полагаю, Рантс Фрили – его имя. Но как его перевести? И Оверхайп… (Варг)
Я воспользовался переводом со страницы 291, где этот мэн впервые появляется. А вообще, overhype уместно переводить как “суперкрутой”. (KALDYH)

When robot factories go to war


My sources told me there was a war going on.

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

I'm heading back to the studio. There's no story here.

We love you, Rants Freely!

We love you, Rants Freely!

Hold on a moment. We have a story.

Джошуа цитирует “WarGames”. Также Джошуа – имя ИИ из WarGames
05011956 – 1 мая 1956 года – дата рождения Фила Фоглио, автора комикса Girl Genius (kerulen). Об этой трактовке написано на форуме Freefall.

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