Freefall 1791 - 1800

Freefall 1791

The Mayor joins in


I learned some new things today.

Robots aren't exactly stable after the age of eighteen. They're not exactly unstable either.

I feel like I'm moving backwards here. I'm sure I knew more about how robots worked BEFORE I started talking to them.

The Mayor joins in


Well done. We've saved the Mayor from another day of boredom, and by distracting her, we've saved the citizens from another day of creeping bureaucracy.

Now we can follow up on your job to deliver reaction mass to satellites.

Yes, Sir. That sounds like a fine plan. It's good money, and after what we did to the Mayor, it's a good day to be off the planet.

The Mayor joins in


Florence, this is the time for running, not talking.

I'll be right with you. I need to finalize our agreement with the baker.

Should we leave her? The Mayor might come by.

She'll be safe enough.

After today's chaos, should Florence require a rescue, the Mayor will have no one to blame but herself.

The Mayor joins in


Pies, Cleaning costs, and a deposit against any future items Sam may … neglect to pay for.

Scott Ambrose. This isn't your account.

Scott is my owner. I don't have an account of my own.

I can't accept this. You work for Sam, this isn't your account, and I don't know you.

I understand. Sam is known around here as a… a…

A thief. You're talking to a simple baker. Don't expect me to sugar coat things for you.

The Mayor joins in


I could go to a bank and pay you in cash.

Or we could get you an account of your own.

You seem to be trying to do the right thing here. There's a bank for A.I.'s. I'll help you set up an account there.

One piece of advice. When you start a new account, choose the free toaster. The waffle irons try to bite.

The Mayor joins in


What is this auditor's fee?

Every A.I. account has a real time auditor to monitor your transactions.

They have the power to stop any transaction that looks suspicious. You will not know who your auditor is. It's protection against direct orders being used to drain your account.

Free will override. That is one heck of a security hole.

It's something that must be adapted to. I don't see Ecosystems Unlimited issuing a patch any time soon.

The Mayor joins in


Biometrics check is complete. Your account is active.

Great. I'm paying the baker.

With your permission, I'm going to check where this money came from.

It came from the Savage Chicken account, who got it from Sam, who got it from the Bureau of Tectonics, who got the tax money from…

The baker near the pie warehouse!? HEY!

Sometimes accounting transparency isn't a good thing.

Как раз в 2009 году была запущена сеть “Bitcoin”, где все транзакции прозрачны :) (?Charliez)

The Mayor joins in


Thank you for your help. May I ask if I'm speaking to one individual or two?

Why would you ask that?

I can hear a heartbeat. At first I thought you were wearing a power assist suit, but there's no foot odor. I suspect I'm talking to a human and a mobility rig using a neural net from factory one.

Have you ever considered a career in law enforcement?

Sorry, no. Police dog uniforms are a little too revealing for me.

Теперь я хочу увидеть её в костюме полицейской :(
Стрип 206 даже при исполнении (гонится за похитителем), только добавь ошейник. (plBots)

The Mayor joins in


No! You can't do this! My engineer is a maniac! She forced me to come here! You think I want to work?

If you give me this job, she's going to want me to fly my junk heap of a ship! If we don't explode on take off, we'll never survive reentry! This is a death sentence!

How are we doing?

Three contracts signed, two more people to visit!

The Mayor joins in


Hi! Would you like me to deliver reaction mass to your satellites?

You are a liar and a crook. You'll get no business from me. Good day.

We could have gotten all five contracts if you had stuck to your original lines.

One hundred percent success? Helix, that's something to avoid at all costs.

The secret to a happy life is never to set expectations you might have to live up to.

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