Freefall 1351 - 1360

Freefall 1351

The robot meeting begins


There is not enough energy density in solar to sustain you.

And coffee is not enough to sustain humans. They have their morning rituals and I have mine.



The robot meeting begins


How much power do you get with that?

Very little. It helps me keep things in perspective.

On earth, there are trees over a hundred meters tall. They grow using only the tiny trickle of energy they get from the sun.

Still no success in adapting them for nuclear power?

It's frustrating! If I could do it, we'd have Redwood forests here in a week!



В ареале своего естественного распространения секвойя – Sequoia sempervirens – более известна как «красное дерево» (англ. Redwood, или Coastal Redwood, или California Redwood). А мне почему-то вспомнился Рыжий_лес. (KALDYH)

The robot meeting begins


Did Sawtooth make it back?

Yes. He came in early this morning. He's in the sleep area.

Good. I want to talk to him.

He's still in sleep mode. You don't want to wake him.

You're right. He'll be grumpy if we wake him up before his memory is defragmented.

And one thing we don't want in a room full of easily breakable robots is a piece of grumpy construction equipment.

The robot meeting begins


Sawtooth just sent me a message. “Robe dog parts in bed.”

I thought Sawtooth was in sleep mode.

I tried to reply. He IS in sleep mode.

Sawtooth text messages in his sleep? Oh, I am going to have to give him grief for this.

Right. Like you've never glitched in sleep mode, Mr. Riverdance.

Hey! That only happened once and I'm pretty sure it was a virus.

Riverdance – танцевальное шоу.

The robot meeting begins


“Robe dog parts in bed.” Do you think Sawtooth's message means anything?


Robe dog.



From Nickel.

In bed.

The room off the spiritual advisor's office.

Damage control?

Coffee, donuts, and dog biscuits. I'm on it.

The robot meeting begins


Good morning.

Qwerty, there's a dog in the bedroom! A big one! Did you put it there?

I suspect it was Sawtooth. Did you bring any religious books? I don't see any.

My hands were full and I was startled. They're in with the dog.

I suppose this counts as a spiritual awakening, but all in all, I'd have preferred an alarm clock.

The robot meeting begins


Ms. Ambrose. Is that you?


That's not a dog in there, is it?

If a dog walks on its hind legs and talks, is it still a dog?

I never should have introduced you to buddhist Koans.

Tell that to Dvorak. He still has fifty mechanical arms hooked up to capture the sound of one hand clapping.

Вопрос про то, какой звук издаёт хлопающая ладонь за отсутствием второй ладони, весьма известен в буддизме. Лично я склоняюсь к версии Терри Пратчетта, что если хлопнуть ладонью кому-нибудь по уху, то раздастся полноценный “хлоп” (Жирафик Рафик)

The robot meeting begins


Is that the organic A.I. You guys have been talking about? Why didn't you tell me it was in there?

Until recently, I didn't know myself.

Aren't all you guys connected? Don't you communicate?

After getting 200 messages in 40 seconds, I had Dvorak remove my radio. It got to where I couldn't form a thought without being interrupted.

Our problem isn't that we don't communicate, it's that we communicate too well.

The robot meeting begins


Good morning. Just needed a few minutes to get ready. I'm Florence Ambrose. Pleased to meet you.

Morning. I'm Maxwell Post.

I know you! Your scent was on my captain the night we got a job to move satellites.

For my reputation's sake, I hope your captain is a huggable young lady.

Extra terrestrial mollusk. But still kind of huggable, in a squidly sort of way.

Из фразы huggable in squidly way словари знают только одно слово ^_^_^ здесь определённо намёк на тентакли, но как это написать… (Жирафик Рафик)

The robot meeting begins


So you work for Sam Starfall. That's … interesting. Since You're the first organic A.I. I've met, I'm going to run a couple of tests here.

This is a human being giving you a direct order. Sit.

And …everyone sits except for you.

It's the glasses. Makes it hard to see who you're talking to.

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