Freefall 0771 - 0780

Freefall 0771

Dress to kilt


Something's wrong. I'm stopping the test and going to find Sam.

I hope it's nothing serious… But Sam IS an alien. This could be something I never even considered.

I was right. This is something I never even considered.

Dress to kilt


Sam, are you okay?

Uhm, so far.

How did you ever get yourself stuck in the air duct?

I was hid… Wait. You don't know why I might want to squeeze into the air ducts?

I truly have no idea.

She WASN'T after me! Whew! Good thing I realized it before I said anything that made me look stupid.

Dress to kilt


Give me a moment to get out. Umph! Stupid air vent! Just a second.


[!2.6]Money! Where!?

You are getting far too good at predicting my actions.

Thank you, captain.

Dress to kilt


Why did you go into the vents? Did you hear a noise?

No, the vent system is fine.

Then why did you go in? If I understand why you do things, I'll be able to think like you and will be better able to anticipate your needs.

It's an alien thing. It's not something I should explain.

That's not very helpful.

It's very helpful. It's best for both of us if you can't think like me.

Dress to kilt


Florence might have trouble thinking like me, but I should be able to think like her. She's pretty straightforward. How hard could it be?

Let's see. Florence works hard for me. Any time I'm threatened, she moves to counter it. When I was hungry, she gave me her food.

Okay, maybe it's not so easy to think like an alien. She's not moving in any pattern I can make sense of.

Dress to kilt


Leak test. Very nice. Why did I have to see this?

It's your responsibility to sign for this on the pre flight check list.

Me!? Why am I responsible? You're the engineer!

You're the captain. You're responsible for everything that happens on this ship.

As captain I have absolute power. Now I'm told I have absolute responsibility as well. I knew there had to be a catch.



Giving orders and making decisions is no fun if I can be held accountable for them. What can I do about this?

If Florence were captain, she'd be responsible for my actions. But she'll never take the position willingly while I'm still around.

As the current captain, my course of action is clear. I've got to organize a mutiny.



Who can I recruit for my mutiny? Florence is definitely loyal to me, so I can't count on her.

That leaves Helix. But can I depend on him when the time comes? Robots are almost as loyal as canines.

I need to be sure on this. It would be disastrous during the mutiny if someone I'm counting on to betray me actually turns out to be on my side.

Mutiny! филлер


Besides Helix, is there anyone else who might help with my mutiny?

Captain, could you please look at this door seal?

Sigh. Kind of busy here. What am I supposed to be looking at?


That's right! The ship still wants to eviscerate me! I think I've found an ally!




No? You don't want me as captain! You should help my mutiny!

No. I can not assist a mutiny. Only through legitimate means can I accept a change in captaincy.

Fine! Don't help! I'll do it without you!

It's a sad day when even your best enemies won't help overthrow you.

Captain, I must inform you that Sam Starfall is plotting a mutiny against you.

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