Freefall 3801 - 3810 (H)
Freefall 3801

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

I've been away long enough that the ship's water smells funny. That means I'm going to smell funny to the people on the station.
I'll need another shower when I get back. Not necessarily a bad thing. It's not hard to talk Winston into a water saving shower.
Besides being fun, having a partner in the shower is practical. Evolution prepared us for many challenges. Washing our own backs wasn't one of them.
Freefall 3802

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

When you have fur, a wet/dry vac goes from being a workshop tool to an essential grooming aid.
Freefall 3803

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

I filled the tank in your breathing mask. The bathroom and shower are all yours.
Ship, you can hear me in the bathroom, right?
If requested. Bathroom microphones are off by default.
Then turn them on and start recording. File name: Sqid singing in the shower under minor acceleration, volume one.
Understood. Searching for memory device most likely to fail. File created.
Freefall 3804

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Sam really does have a good singing voice. I don't recognize the words. It might be his native language.
It's very melodic. His civilization has a nice appreciation of culture and beauty.
That was “Pick the lock, sneak inside, steal their stuff, run and hide”. The next song is also a classic. “Give me something or I'll hit you with a stick”.
Freefall 3805

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

I'm back. It took a little time to get the fur out of my suit. Helix, we're ready for your tale.
I can download my video memory and you can see what happened.
Nope. You need to work on your storytelling skills.
But I can't lie as well as you can.
I don't lie. I add embellishments to make my my stories more interesting, and in some cases, to clarify that whatever happened was not in way my fault.
Freefall 3806

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

How do I begin a story?
You've heard stories before. Start your story like one of those.
Once upon a time, there was a bold and handsome sqid captain…
See? Yor are off to a good start already.
Freefall 3807

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

With the sqid captain was his equally bold and handsome robot companion.
Ok, hold on for a second.
The companion can't as bold and as handsome as the sqid captain. The story has to be believable.
I find the story believable.
Did I asked for comments from the peanut gallery? I think not.
Freefall 3808

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Please continue your story, Helix.
Sam had a question that was burning inside him that he wanted to ask Florence. He had just seen Florence, but forgotten to ask his question.
Sam returned to the workers guild. There, the fearsome guardian of the door told Sam that Florence was not there. She had gone to the spa of doom!
Spas aren't normally associated with doom.
Robots. Electricity. Water. Spas are one of the doomiest places there is.
Freefall 3809

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

We gathered Sam's gear and trekked to the Spa of Doom!
There Sam girded his loins to face the peril of naked people.
Myself, being too young for such peril, went off in search of a more age appropriate adventure.
[!1.3][x1.2][=0.9] The Convenient Censer
Freefall 3810

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Helix's story continues
Authorized personnel only
I'm one hundred percent authorized parts.
They must want
me to go in.
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