Freefall 3761 - 3770 (H)
Freefall 3761

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Have my breathing mask
on, have my oversized
towel. I'm set.
I'll wear the towel until
the last moment to preserve
an air of drama and mystery.
Though for some reason
my drama keeps turning
into comedy. Maybe
I need theme music.

He already has one matching tune, “Yakety Sax” from “The Benny Hill Show”, of course. The tune from “Jaws” has already been taken over by Florence

Freefall 3762

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Florence! Are
you up there?
Hi! I came to see you and your friends. Transhumanists, right? One of your goals is the creation of a superior being, right?
Allow me to save you time by offering myself as a model.

The case is rapidly moving toward fencing off part of the webcomic with an “18+” sticker. Just in case, practice solving bounded integrals. To hold access rights, unfortunately, you will first need to register (robot_spike)

Freefall 3763

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Sam, leave the towel on!
Take it off!
how bad can it be?
Whoo! Take it off!
The people have spoken! Feast
your eyes upon the magnificent
jiggliness that is sqid!
Did we lose power or did I go blind?
I suspect the former but after seeing that, I'm perfectly fine with the latter.

/)(>_<)(\ (robot_spike)

Freefall 3764

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

We have lost power. Listen. The fans have shut off.
It might be local. We don't know if the entire station has lost power.
Also, in hindsight, poor planning. There should be battery powered emergency lights.
There we have a simple solution. Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow. If you ladies exercise, that might provide enough light
for us to see.
That's phrasing to acknowledge women don't perspire as much as men. We don't really glow.
You're transhumanists and you haven't even made yourself bioluminescent? I'm disappointed.
Freefall 3765

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Okay, nobody panic. The station has emergency reactors. The lights will be back soon.
Except when people see the eldritch horror that is your captain, they are going to panic.
Excuse me. I believe you meant to say “eldritch studmuffin”.
Point taken. Sam, please cover yourself with your towel.
I threw off my towel with a flourish worthy of my unveiling. I don't know where it went.
So instead of panicking now, we're going to wait until the lights come on and then panic.
Well, at least panicking will be safer when we can all see what we're doing.

Eldritch Horror - a cooperative board game (2013) based on Lovecraft's work

Freefall 3766

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

What happened?
A technician got on the wrong equipment and tripped the unit. He restored it and called
it in.
Okay, we know why
we tripped and the condition has been corrected. Let's get the reactor restarted.
Do we need
to start an emergency reactor?
No. We can catch this on the way down. Besides, if we start an emergency reactor, we're looking at a whole lot of paperwork.
Understood. Count me in on catching this unit on the way down.
Freefall 3767

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Loss of power. It was
only a matter of time.
I didn't want to go this route, but something had to be done.
History will vindicate me.
And by history, I mean the type
that is recorded in black in the station's ledgers.
Freefall 3768

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Meanwhile, at the nuclear pulse
(ie: bomb) factory
The Pournelle/Niven station lost power!
Humans in danger! Station wide message. All mobile robots report to the cargo bay. We're going to the Pournelle/ Niven station!
If I may make
a suggestion.
Correction. All mobile robots
NOT designed to explode report
to the cargo bay.
Freefall 3769

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Beep. Ten minutes
of oxygen left.
That's weird. I charged
my mask right before
I came here.
Did you refill the
gas cylinder?
Nuts. That's right. This mask doesn't have a compressor like my
suit. So, no.
At least he's
honest about it.
I will have
you know that I am always honest when it's in my own best interest.

As a reminder, Sam's race breathes a more oxygenated atmosphere. In ten minutes he'll be asleep to conserve (robot_spike)

Freefall 3770

Provisional Title: Sqid in the maintenance shop

Why do you need a mask if you breathe oxygen?
I need a higher concentration of oxygen than you do to keep from passing out.
The locker room has emergency lights on. I'm going to get Sam back in his suit.
You can
see that? Everything is still dark to me.
I can't see much. Only outlines. No details.
It's for the best.
I used to think eldritch horrors would be scarier in the dark. Now I know they're scariest when you can see them clearly.
If you mean scarily handsome and tentacled,
I accept the compliment.
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