Freefall 3231 - 3240
Freefall 3231

With life support, we should bring plants. If we bring wasabi and peppers, they're essentially self replicating products.

Good idea, though we want to sell the sauce first. Create a demand. Then as the sauce runs out, we'll sell the plants.

We want enough for people to bid against each other but not so many that everyone can get one. We'll get a better price that way.

I see I'm going to learn things on this trip I didn't even know that I needed to know.

Бонус, танцевальный ролик с Коуба

Лайк & репост

Freefall 3232

Niomi would like to come with us on the trip.

Always room for another paying passenger. Welcome aboard.

My value added is worth more than the cost of the trip.

Haggling? You found someone who knows how to haggle? Florence, stick around. You might learn from this one.

You WANT to haggle? That will cost you extra.

Florence, take a break. You might learn too much from this one.

Бонус, танцевальный ролик с Коуба

Лайк & репост

Freefall 3233


Four for the gourd. Four!!!! Look at it, that's worth ten if it's worth a shekel.

You just gave it to me for nothing.

Yes, but it's worth ten.

Should we call the police?

No need. You can tell by the shouting and rude gestures that those two are going to get along fine.

Первая панель – сцена из Житие Брайана по Монти Пайтону.

Freefall 3234


Fine. I'm losing money on this one. Food. Oxygen. Reaction mass. The only reason I'm agreeing is because Florence likes you.

You're losing money? Three weeks of free labor. You're getting my knowledge of what to take and who to contact on the station. I should be getting a lot more than free transport. You are a crook and a swindler.

It's too late for compliments now.

I totally got the best of that deal.

Freefall 3235

Looks like I'm going with you guys!

We are going to be locked up together for three weeks. We'll either become the best of friends or we'll kill each other.

So, do either of you have combat skills or carry any hidden weapons that I need to know about?

Freefall 3236

You won't need to worry about me. I'll be in hibernation for the trip.

That does simplify things.

Any chance we can put Sam in hibernation?

We're not putting Sam into hibernation.

Are you sure? This seems to be the kind of ship that would run better with the captain in hibernation.

Freefall 3237

Trying to put me into hibernation would technically be mutiny.

Under section seven of our agreement, mutiny is allowed for a slight additional fee.

Slight? I've seen national budgets smaller than this!

And this doesn't so much remove you as rename you entertainment director!

There's no point in hosting a mutiny if no one's going to have any fun.

Freefall 3238

I'm not saying you HAVE to mutiny. I'm letting you know that you have the option.

Ha! Like I'm ever going to mutiny for this price.

Did Sam just mutiny proof the ship?

He makes it look so easy. I still have so much to learn.

Freefall 3239

You guys ready for the trip?

I need to turn over a few things to the robots. I also need to set up a kennel for my dog.

You don't need a kennel. My daughters can take care of your dog.


No worries. One of the undocumented perks of parenthood is you get to volunteer your kids for stuff.

Freefall 3240

I'm going to let the family know I've got a ride. So, a couple of weeks until we're ready to leave?

Yes. We have to wait for the reaction mass to move into position for underway replenishment.

I'm going to head home as well.

Okay. I'll see you after I finish connecting the reactor.

Sometimes the longest part of a job is waiting for everyone to get out of the way so you can do it.

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