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Freefall 3181 - 3190
Freefall 3181
Helix, how long will it take to get to where the asteroids are?
Robert A. Heinlein said “Once you get to earth orbit, you're halfway to anywhere in the solar system.”
It took us eight minutes to get to orbit, so sixteen minutes.
Using that logic, I come up with the same number. Still, I can't help but feel our math might be a bit off.
Freefall 3182
Commnet, how long does it take to get to where the asteroids are?
[!0.8]Boarding: Jill Weber station
What is the sustained acceleration of your ship?
I don't know. A million?
At an acceleration of one million meters per second2, you will not live to see the end of your journey.
That long? It must be more than a million then.

Джилл Вебер - пользователь форума The Cross Time Café с розой Рио Самба на аватаре.

Freefall 3183
What asteroid are you going to?
I'm not sure.
What is the thrust of your ship?
I don't know.
What is the mass of your ship?
I don't know.
Why are you asking me questions? You're the search engine.
Privacy settings limit my capability. If you relax your settings, I can perform a more in depth search.
Or you can provide me with the data to answer your question.
Hmmm. Privacy or laziness. What to choose, what to choose?
Freefall 3184
If you waive your privacy, I can access all your data.
If you give me authority, I can handle your finances. I can make investments for you, pay your bills and plan for your retirement.
Why would I give you that level of access?
Because I think we can agree that, monetarily speaking, I can run your life better than you.
Freefall 3185
You want to handle my finances?
Can you make me rich?
I can make you less in debt.
Freefall 3186
Commnet could help you with your finances.
Helix, people like us are not built for budgets and allocations.
Ours are lives of great adventure! To dream! To explore lands unseen by sqid! To take great risk, knowing full well that does not always mean great reward!
What about the people who loaned you money?
They talk about austerity and living within your means. We're helping them practice what they preach.
Freefall 3187
Helix, does this symbol mean there's something valuable in there or there's something in there that will kill me?
Freefall 3188
What is this thing?
That is a polywell fusion reactor.
It's bigger than I expected.
It's mostly shielding. A hundred megawatt polywell will produce about ten megawatts of x-rays while operating.
One of the scary things about terrans is they're peaceful and still over half their power sources put out death rays as a byproduct.
Freefall 3189
Could you give me a rundown of what to expect on this trip?
Of course. Let me finish here and I'll be right with you.
Why the last minute interest?
Commnet made me realize that I'm at the junction of the tastiest and most expendable member of the crew. That's not an area a spaceship captain should be in.
Freefall 3190
I've found if you leave something in a condition where people can hurt themselves, people will hurt themselves even if they have to go to extra effort to do so.
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