Freefall 2691 - 2700 (H)
Freefall 2691

House guests

You look tired.
It's been a busy couple of days. I think I've run my reserves past empty.
Well, give me a couple moments and I'll get a bed made up for you.
Or you can skip the wait and curl up in the laundry basket.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2692

House guests

Don't you want a bed?
Fine here. Smells like you. Good night.
When you have a canine for a guest, it's not hard to be a good host.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2693

House guests

There you are, Beekay. Wake up. We need you out of the guest room.
Wurf? Sniff? Sniff!
Sorry, Captain. He's usually such a well behaved little dog.
That's not a dog! That's a fluffy piranha on legs!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2694

House guests

I'll keep Beekay in my room. He won't bother you again.
I'm still locking the door. You're sure he can't get into the air vents?
I'm sure. Good night, Captain.
Good night.
I'm finally on the cusp of greatness. I don't want my obituary to read “Saved the world and was then eaten by a small dog.”

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2695

House guests

Our guests are tucked in for the night. Time for us to get to bed as well.
Quite the day. People still aren't sure on which way we should go with the robots.
I wonder what the history books will list as the defining event for humanity to have lived through? The threat of nuclear war or artificial intelligence?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2696

A sunny sunday morning

Morning, Beekay. You want to go out, don't you?
If everyone was as enthusiastic as you in spreading biological material around, we'd have this planet terraformed in no time.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2697

A sunny sunday morning

Okay, let's slow down and try this again. First, I'm a guest in this house. Second, a proper lady does not rush into the kitchen at the sound of kibble hitting the bowl.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2698

A sunny sunday morning

Have to watch that. When I'm tired, I don't always act properly. It takes effort to act human.
Though my friends tell me even humans have to expend effort to act human, so I'm in good company.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2699

A sunny sunday morning

Good morning.
Morning. Did you sleep all right in the laundry basket?
I slept very well. I don't smell like old laundry, do I?
No, no. You smell fine.
I'm cheating a bit. Humans won't admit it, but on an individual level, they like being around things that smell like them.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2700

A sunny sunday morning

Not quite. It's something Dvorak sent over for you.
He said it's canine safe. No theobromine. No caffeine.
It smells like a frightened rabbit.
That does look really effective. However, I have too much invested in coffee to switch over now.

Color by George Peterson

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