Freefall 1631 - 1640
Freefall 1631

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


You guys really made a mess here. You know what happens now, right?

I get another promotion?

You give me a golden parachute?

No. You have to clean this up.

Besides, you have to work here to get a golden parachute.

If this company was smart, they'd give me one before I started working.

Золотой парашют – выходное пособие для топ-менеджеров, часто составляет колоссальные суммы и может привести компанию к банкротству

Freefall 1632

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


Cloth bags should be good for the bugs. I'll go get your wayward A.I.

Why WERE there crickets in your pants?

Or is this some alien thing I wouldn't understand?

Do you consider yourself an honest man?

I consider myself a very honest man.

Then you wouldn't understand.

Freefall 1633

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


I'm honest. I work hard. I don't lie, cheat, or steal. And in the corporate food chain, I'm right at the bottom.

Meanwhile, idiots like Varroa mess up, cost the company money, and are rapidly moved up to positions where they can't do any damage.

And there they make more money in a year than I make in a lifetime. So I have to ask myself, who's the real idiot here?

Freefall 1634

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


Security guard: RECOGNIZED! Room 101 door: OPENED! Element of Surprise: RETAINED!


Hi. Sorry, I've come across something rather important and my long term memory's been impaired. I'm making do with string and sticky notes.

So please forgive me if I seem a bit distracted. A broken thought here could result in a nasty paper cut.

Freefall 1635

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


Hi. You must be the A.I. Those two were looking for.

InSuFficient daTa. I am HeRe fOr rePaiRs. PleaSe rePaiR the Leg.

I thought you guys could fix yourselves.

I… I… Program documentation: Self repair capabilities are considered hazardous. Neural paths deleted.

He's running a program called “Gardener in the dark”.It's an extremely aggressive neural pruning program.

Are we talking bonsai trees or is this a virus that's turning our intelligent minerals into vegetables?

Испытание дементора на живом роботе в режиме дебага (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1636

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


Can you fix that robot?

No. My short term to long term memory is impaired. I can't grasp enough of the program to understand more than the basics.

Can you at least repair the leg?

Looks like a simple weld job. I can fix this.

Sorry. For a moment I had the strangest feeling of déjà vu.

YOu Are pRobaBly jUst reLoAding a pAge from cAche. HApPens to me All thE tiMe.

Freefall 1637

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


Please have him lie down and fully extend his leg actuators.

Clean the area, some diamond weave putty to hold things in place and wick away the heat from where we don't want heat, and we'll need a fire extinguisher.

For safety?

That, and working with Sam has been a constant reminder of my own flammability.

“diamond weave putty” - теплоизоляционная паста, используемая при сварке, предотвращает нагрев детали целиком. Паста наносится вокруг обрабатываемой зоны и за счёт своей теплоёмкости и теплопроводности выступает в роли охладителя. Алмазные волокна, в данном случае, используются для повышения теплопроводности и придания возможности держать форму. (Mitrill)

Freefall 1638

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


It won't take long to run a bead on low carbon mild steel. Please shield your eyes.

I'm surprised they used a mild steel. A high strength steel would have been better.

Still, I suppose in a developing infrastructure, you don't always use what's best, you use what's available.

Freefall 1639

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


I'm done. It needs some time to cool off. Now, where am I and how did I get here?

You left yourself notes on the wall.

This is my handwriting. “Short term to long term memory impaired.” Next note. “You fool! Time is a factor! Skip to the notes near the end!”

Well, I don't know if I like that tone of voice I'm taking with myself.

Freefall 1640

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.


“Robots are using Dr. Bowman's neural Architecture”, “Robots from factories four and five are approaching neural pruning age”, and “No new scrapyards are being built”.

All leading over to “Gardener in the dark. Extremely aggressive neural pruning program.”

And the last note says “Don't panic” which is a bit worrisome because I wouldn't say that unless there was a reason TO panic.

Возможно фраза “Don't panic” является отсылкой к книжке “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” за авторством Дугласа Адамса.

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