Freefall h0097
Freefall 0971

Space Walkies!


No, you did not surprise me. My Plans to scream like a little girl when I reached the kitchen were made hours ago. It's pure coincidence you happened to be here at the time.

Freefall 0972

Space Walkies!


Were you stalking me?


Why? We're in space! I can't possibly have been limping.

No, but you were kind of moving like a wounded guppy.

Is that why I heard you humming the “Jaws” theme as you came up on me?


Freefall 0973

Space Walkies!


What are you wearing?

It's a thermal body stocking.

The threads are diamond fiber woven over a plastic core. It's so thermally conductive, the entire stocking stays the same temperature. It's so I don't develop hot or cold spots while I'm in my space suit.

I know humans are more advanced than my race. I see examples of it every day. But I refuse, I absolutely refuse to be intimidated by their underwear technology.

Freefall 0974

Space Walkies!


You must have slept well this morning.

Not bad. I had an odd dream, but mostly, It's because I'm hungry.

I try not to eat before a space walk. Being hungry makes me more alert, and I notice movement better. It's the same instincts that make a wild wolf ready to hunt and kill a deer, just channeled differently.

This was a bad day to have eaten the breakfast Helix made for her and not washing afterwards.

This is going to sound weird, but I swear today that you smell like venison.

Freefall 0975

Space Walkies!


Great. This is Florence's food bowl. I couldn't send out more wolf attack signals if I tried. Stay still. Think. I need to put the food bowl back and wash the venison smell off of me.

Florence, didn't you want to change my suit filters?

Yes, give me a moment to get the new ones. Be right back.

Luckily, fetch still works as a distraction.

Freefall 0976

Space Walkies!


Florence was actually stalking me. Washing the venison scent off will help, but I need to start acting more manly and in charge.

Ack! Water in micro gravity! How do I fix this? Vacuum! I need a vacuum! Where do I get a vacuum? THE TOILET!

That's what I'm talking about. Crisis? I was in charge! Manly? Definitely manly! After the water was gone, no woman would ever think of shutting off a vacuum toilet by stuffing her head into it!

Freefall 0977

Space Walkies!


I've got the suit filters.. *sniff*.. You've changed your scent.

Uh, yeah. I saw your reaction to the venison smell. When I went to wash it off, I kind of had a problem with the toilet.

I'll need to explain to Sam not all stinky stuff is equal for rolling in. Still, he's the first captain to ever try to make me feel comfortable as a wolf. Maybe he's going to make a good Alpha after all.

Freefall 0978

Space Walkies!


Did I get all the venison smell off? Better stay completely still. I don't want to trigger any predator/prey reactions.

All done. The old filters were almost completely clogged. From now on, we change your filters every thirty days.

New air filters and my engineer is no longer stalking me. Finally, I can breathe easy.

Freefall 0979

Space Walkies!


With my clean scent and confident manner, I expect Florence to start treating me as an equal.

Are you done eating?


Good. Let's get to work.

Where's some venison to rub on me? I don't want to be treated as an equal!

Sam, come on!

Freefall 0980

Space Walkies!


Before the space walk, we need to recheck the suit and I need to show you how the airlock works. Follow me.

This is the most excited I've seen Florence on the entire mission.

What is it about dogs and going for a walk?

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