Freefall 0941 - 0950
Freefall 0941

Sam takes the watch


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good. Helix helped me get ready.

What do I need to do here, and keep it simple.

Sit in this chair. Touch nothing.

Okay, maybe not that simple.

Freefall 0942

Sam takes the watch


In a high traffic area, someone needs to be at the controls at all times. This is our exclusion zone. If anyone enters this area, you need to take action.

Right. Where are the weapon controls?

We don't have any weapons. You call them and politely tell them to move away.

We should get some weapons. For… uhm… for Safety! When asked to move away, the average person's response time is much faster when there's a plasma cannon pointed at them.

Freefall 0943

Sam takes the watch


We have eight satellites left. Deployment is automatic. Do you have any questions?

Yes. Is the ship's computer still trying to kill me?

Negative, captain. I can not interfere with a person on watch. I will only attempt to maim you during your off duty hours.

Any other questions before I go?

Nope. That's everything. I'll be able to sleep soundly now.

Freefall 0944

Sam takes the watch


Sheesh, Can't sleep on watch. Have to stay at the controls. No plasma cannon to play with.

Helix, come to the control room.

Do you need me to take the watch?

Heck, no. This is my watch. I need you to go to my room and bring my television in here.

Freefall 0945

Sam takes the watch


Thrust in ten seconds.

Satellite deployed. Radar to narrow beam. Satellite reports positive power gain. Rectenna check complete. Satellite in service.

Proceeding to next deployment point.

And to think that people planetside told me I couldn't handle a job in space.

Freefall 0946

Sam takes the watch


Uh, oh. I knew things were going too smoothly. Helix, we have a problem.

The only programs it will let me select are educational.

Freefall 0947

Sam takes the watch


Florence must have blocked the good channels. Computer, how do I change this back to real T.V.?

I've been told that information is in basic communications, and if asked, to display it on the front pilot screen. This will put the screens you are supposed to watch in your normal field of vision.

If Florence was as clever as I am, she would have silenced the computer. Now I can learn about the communication system and get around her program blocks.

She can't force us to study!

Freefall 0948

Sam takes the watch


Computer, what's that noise?

That is an alarm. There is an abnormal condition.

We trained for this.

Yes, but our training didn't count on me having to stay in the pilot's seat. We'll have to modify our procedure.

You run in circles and panic, I'll stay here and panic at the controls.

Freefall 0949

Sam takes the watch


Ahh! An abnormal condition!

This is your fault!

It's your fault!

Your fault!




Okay, we've panicked, yelled, held a meeting, and fixed the blame. I guess the only thing left is to find out what the problem is.

Freefall 0950

Sam takes the watch


The box for satellite fourteen will not open. We can not deploy this satellite.

No danger to the ship? More important, no danger to me?

We don't even need to wake up Florence. It's not our fault. We'll skip this one and go to the next satellite spot.

Failure to deploy all satellites will be considered a breach of contract.


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