Freefall 0751 - 0760
Freefall 0751

Dress to kilt


Didn't you want to talk in private?

Yes. But the way to get privacy isn't to hide in a room. People wonder what you're up to then.

No, the way to get real privacy is to be easily seen, but doing something that makes people not want to approach you.

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Trust me, Helix. No one is going to come anywhere near us.

Freefall 0752

Dress to kilt


Now that we're set up, we can talk. Florence working for us is temporary. We can't keep her.

Why not? She followed us home. She doesn't bark at night, and she's housebroken.

Helix, we got Florence by bribing a shipping clerk. She's not supposed to be here. She's supposed to be on that star ship up there.

You're right. Let's go tell her.

An interesting idea, but perhaps we should do something that won't result in our arms and legs being pulled off.

Freefall 0753

Dress to kilt


When we stole Florence, I thought we were going to keep her.

We did NOT steal Florence. We just borrowed her for a while.

It would have been a waste to have left her in cold sleep while the starship was being overhauled. Look at all she's learned by being with us.

How to fall off a truck. How to be hungry. How to deal with severe bleeding.

Exactly. We've given her life experiences she wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. The way I see it, she owes US!

Freefall 0754

Dress to kilt


If you want to stay out of jail, never steal anything too valuable. Borrow it instead.

It's like Pop Rivit's truck. I always return it. He yells and sets traps and tries to shoot me, but he never really gets mad at me.

That's why we need to give Florence back. Someone's paid a lot of money to ship her between star systems, and they might not be as nice and even tempered as Mr. Rivit is.

[!0.8] Wan

Freefall 0755

Dress to kilt


I'd like to keep Florence, but the longer she's around, the more dangerous it gets. Someone's bound to notice that she's not supposed to be here.

Besides, she's on her own career path. After all she's done for us, it wouldn't be right for us to keep her.

Did you just say what I thought you said?


Freefall 0756

Dress to kilt


When are we going to tell Florence?

Sometime after we do the satellite contract. There's no way I'm taking our ship into space without her.

We'll tell her when we get back. Our timing will need to be perfect on that.

We want her to have enough time to get to the spaceport and into cold sleep, but not so much time that she can maim us first.

Freefall 0757

Dress to kilt


To come full circle, Flo is a temp. Since she can't take her gear on the star ship, we'll have to take it. Agreed?


Whoop! My subroutine activated. I think it's all right to steal from Florence, so now I need to start beating you with a stick.

If it makes you feel any better, I agree with your logic completely.

No, what would make me feel better is for you to stop hitting me!

Freefall 0758

Dress to kilt


OW! Ow! Hey, the ship's door is closing!

Good thinking, ship. I'm thin enough to get in. Helix isn't.

Drat. My timing is off. Half a second earlier and I would have succeeded in crushing him with the cargo door.

Freefall 0759

Dress to kilt


Ship, can you please let me in?

Do you intend to continue hitting the captain with that stick?


Permission to board cheerfully granted. The captain is in the cargo bay.

Freefall 0760

Dress to kilt



I'm afraid I can't do that, Sam.

Great. The ship is trying to kill me again. What could have set it off this time? I've been relatively good.

Checks are good on the co-pilot's side. Now to repair the damage done by Sam's ejection and you'll be space worthy again.

В первом кадре обыгрывается фраза компьютера HAL 9000 из фильма “Космическая одиссея 2001 года” – “Боюсь, я не могу сделать этого, Дэйв”

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