Freefall 0481 - 0490
Freefall 0481

Sam to the rescue!


Winston is coming back.

Yip. I should stay off this leg, but I can't let his first meeting with Sam be with my captain looting his silverware drawer.

In a way, it's good practice. History has never been kind to people who couldn't control their leaders.

Freefall 0482

Sam to the rescue!


Hi, Sam.


Wonderful. Now instead of needing to explain why Sam is in the silverware drawer, I need to explain why there's a fork stuck in the ceiling.

Freefall 0483

Sam to the rescue!


Hi. I was just …inspecting the silverware.

Hi, Sam. It's good to see you.

Now that you're done, you can put the spoons back and come meet Winston.

Uhm, right. No problem.

Accusations I can handle. I know what to do when threatened with violence. But a hug? How am I supposed to counter a hug?

Freefall 0484

Sam to the rescue!


Sam, I want you and Winston to like each other. So please be on your best behavior.

This is going to be easy. All I have to do to drive a wedge between these two is be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

Also please remember that you don't have to be conscious to make a good first impression.

This sounds like a good time to form plan B.

Freefall 0485

Sam to the rescue!


Hi, Winston. My captain arrived. I hope you don't mind his coming inside.

Hey, no problem.

So you're Sam. Florence has said a lot about you. That's amazing, flying through a hurricane in a partially functional spaceship to rescue three people. You're a real hero.

I can see why Florence likes this guy. He's the most perceptive human I've ever met.

Флоренс и Винстон, по идее, друзья, я переключаюсь в обращениях Флоренс с “вы” на “ты”

Freefall 0486

Sam to the rescue!


Sorry about that. BeeKay is usually such a good judge of character.

I have no idea why that type always gives me trouble.

Freefall 0487

Sam to the rescue!


I'll be right back. I need to put Beekay into the Bedroom.

You don't learn, do you?

How many times am I going to have to tell you? We don't bite alien visitors from another planet!

Из слов Винстона есть подозрение, что Бикей уже пробовал Сэма на зуб прежде (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0488

Sam to the rescue!


Florence, could you stand up for a moment?


I was going to ask if you liked him, but that seems kind of redundant now.

Freefall 0489

Sam to the rescue!


It's nice that you've met someone you like, but how much do you really know about him?

He seems nice enough, but do we really know what he's like deep down? Heck, he might even be the type who thinks women should be kept barefoot and…

Florence, where are your shoes?

Barefoot and pregnant (как вариант “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”) – американская идиома, означающая консервативно-патриархальные взгляды на женщину, согласно которым она должна быть “босой и беременной”, то есть не работать вне дома и иметь много детей. (Veki)

Freefall 0490

Sam to the rescue!


Florence, all I'm saying is you just met this guy.

So you think I should investigate anyone I stay with for any amount of time?

Like you?

Me? Oh, no! You don't want to investigate me! My records are so impressive, I'd… uhm… ruin your expectations for other captains! Far better to remain ignorant.

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