Freefall 0401 - 0410
Freefall 0401

Sam the card flounder


I erased the camera's memory. Those photos are all that's left.

How do we know he doesn't have extra copies?

He won't. I can't say much good about Sam, but once bought, he stays bought.

Is that because no returns department will take him?

That might have something to do with it.

Freefall 0402

Sam the card flounder


I can't believe Sam manipulated us so easily. Poor Florence. She doesn't stand a chance.

We owe her a debt. Perhaps we can repay it by shifting the odds in her favor.

Not many people would risk themselves for a robot. We can pass the word through our community that this is a person to watch out for, and to help where we can.

Wouldn't it be better to do something for her with a higher chance of success? Like buying her a lottery ticket? From last year's lottery?

Now, now. Let's see if this works before buying our cynicism upgrades.

Freefall 0403

Sam the card flounder


I've called the spaceport. Sam and Helix are safe and they know I'm safe.

That should take care of everything. Now I can go to sleep.


Ушко дёрнулось – вам не показалось. В комиксе есть немножко анимации (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0404

Sam the card flounder


Hey. You don't want to sleep here. Wake up so you can go to bed.

I'm putting a medical monitor on you. Call if you need me. I've brought in a few things to make you more comfortable.

She's got a bowl of water, some dry food, a squeaky toy, and internet access, What more could a dog need?

Freefall 0405

Sam the card flounder



Two A.M. It's a new day. Wuff. I thought yesterday was never going to end.

I know a day is just 24 hours, but that one felt like it took a year and 37 weeks to get through.

Ровно столько времени в нашей реальности занял выход этого самого внутреннего дня комикса. Внутрикомиксовая шутка

Freefall 0406

Sam the card flounder


Sigh. I can't get back to sleep.

It's not like I'm still on a space station. There's an atmosphere on both sides of this wall. I don't need to know where everything is.

Maybe it's the hurricane outside that's keeping me from realizing I'm now in an environment that's friendly to life.

Freefall 0407

Sam the card flounder


I should go take a look around. I'm sure I'll feel more relaxed once I learn where things are.

I may have been mistaken. I have one foot in a bowl of water and the other in kibble. Learning where these things are has not made me more relaxed.

Freefall 0408

Sam the card flounder


[!1.2]YIPE! YIPE! YIP!

That was dumb. It's things like that which make people think of you as a dog first and a person second. Okay, let's try again and do it properly this time.

Ow. Ow. Ouch. Ow.

Freefall 0409

Sam the card flounder


This is quite a place. A veterinarian must be an important job on a planet that's being terraformed.

It really makes you wonder what kind of strange creatures he has in here.

Especially when you realize that something is licking your ankle.

Freefall 0410

Sam the card flounder


This is no enchanted castle, so I doubt if you're an animated dust mop.

You're a little dog, aren't you? It's not obvious at first glance.

You've never had a gene tweaked in your entire life, but i'd bet I'm still closer to our original ancestors than you are.

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