Freefall 0081 - 0090
Freefall 0081

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


I see that wolves, unlike cats, do not land on their feet.

I did land on my feet. I just didn't stay there very long.

Freefall 0082

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Where is your suit ripped?

Let's just say I'm sitting down for a reason.

I don't suppose you could fix it with your eyes closed?

Uhm… No.

This was definitely not the day to have worn my “Teddy Bears in Space” underwear.

Freefall 0083

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Your helmet, that's not what you really look like, is it?

Immigration insisted I don't show my real face.

Apparently my face triggers a nurturing response in humans. They would take one look at me and immediately begin to regurgitate their last meal for me.

I can see where that would be a problem.

I mean, how do you politely say “No” to something like that?

Freefall 0084

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


My “face” is actually an audio animatronic. I control it with my cute little facial tentacles.

Besides, since most of my customers are human, it's handy to be able to express human emotions.

Doesn't having such a simplified face cause people to underestimate you?

Hey, no one's been able to underestimate me yet!

Freefall 0085

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Helix, do you have the rope?

Got it!

Okay, tie one end around a pipe, then drop the rope down to us.

More specific. When dealing with robots, I've got to be more specific.

Freefall 0086

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


The rope's secured. Let's go.

No. Not yet.

I can't believe I fell down a shaft for no reason. There must be something down here fate intended me to find.

Ah, Ha! See? I found a nickel!

My faith in destiny is restored.

Freefall 0087

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Whew. Am I glad to be out of that hole.

I'm just glad you're safe.


Group hug! Group hug!

[!1.3]Helix! No! Stop!

Freefall 0088

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


[!1.3]WAHHH! I knocked us back down the shaft! We're all going to die!

You won't die, Helix. You're a robot.

Instead, you'll be trapped down here for centuries watching as Florence's body and mine slowly putrefy and decay.

Really? [!1.3]COOL!

You have a very odd way of comforting someone, you know that?

Freefall 0089

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


One of us needs to get to the top. I see three ways we can do this.

[!1.3]GAHH! A big hairy spider!


Okay, FOUR ways.

Is it gone?

Freefall 0090

Fun with an open ventilation shaft


Wait. We have to go back. I dropped my nickel.

Not again.

Florence, it's a matter of honor. You don't leave money behind!

That's “You don't leave a man behind”.

[!1.5]Thomas Jefferson is on that nickel!

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