Freefall h0006
Freefall 0061

Arrival at the abandoned colony ship


First Florence fell out of the truck. Then she disassembled you.

She blamed me just because it was my fault. How unfair.

We almost got hit by an asteroid. We drove over a cliff.

Then there was the flood, getting the truck stuck in a tree, and backing it over Florence getting it unstuck.

Man, this has been one boring trip.

Maybe going home will be better.

Freefall 0062

Arrival at the abandoned colony ship




Water balloons.




You guys do know what we're looking for, right?

[!1.3]The dreaded derelict dwelling two ton devil bunny!

[!1.3]The dreaded derelict dwelling two ton devil bunny!

No, we're after pipes and mounting hardware, but you were close.

Freefall 0063

Arrival at the abandoned colony ship


Exploring this abandoned colony ship is a vital job, Helix.

It ensures no dangers lurk. It allows us to pinpoint the best salvage areas.

But most important, it keeps us from having to do any real work.

Freefall 0064

Arrival at the abandoned colony ship


Sam, what are we going to do if we actually find a devilbunny?

That should be obvious, Helix.

We run away, screaming like maniacs.

Okay. Just so long as we have a plan.

Freefall 0065

Arrival at the abandoned colony ship


I see Florence. We still have a water balloon. It would be a shame for it to go to waste.

Helix, before you act, remember the words of the sage “One Arm” McGint.

Oooh. Right. “Never water balloon anyone who's carrying a chain saw.”

Sound advice to this very day.

Freefall 0066

AIEEE! Radiation!


Hi, Florence. What are you doing?

Hello captain. Just checking the radiation levels on the ship.

There's radiation in here?

About .2 millirem. Nothing to worry about.



Well, for some of us it's nothing to worry about.

Ого… два микрозиверта! В 14 раз выше фоновой радиации. В любом случае долго на корабле задерживаться не стоит. (ANDRoidFox)
В 4 раза выше, чем расчетный безопасный уровень для Земли и людей. Но это не Земля, да и все персонажи тут устроены иначе, чем люди.

Freefall 0067

AIEEE! Radiation!




Sam, radiation levels this low are nothing to worry about.



You get more exposure during a chest X-ray. Or on a cross country flight.




I don't know which is worse. That you're this afraid of radiation, or that Helix had to stop to take a breath before you did.

Freefall 0068

AIEEE! Radiation!


We're not going to get anywhere if all you do is stand there screaming.

I'm going to keep screaming and you can't stop me.

That won't stop me. I don't have a sound card you can take.

You have other parts I can pull out just as easily, though they may be more difficult to put back.

Silence would seem to be the best reply.

Freefall 0069

AIEEE! Radiation!


Are you saying radiation is 100% safe?

Sam, nothing is 100% safe. Everything carries SOME risk.



I have a sudden urge to become a lawyer.

Don't go there, Sam.

Freefall 0070

AIEEE! Radiation!


Bottom line. How safe is a 2 millirem dose?

It's safer than driving with you across town.

Florence, standing in a burning building while blind circus midgets throw knives at you is safer than driving across town with Sam.

You're right. Bad example.


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