Freefall 3461 - 3470 (D)
Freefall 3461


Looking good.
Thanks. Looks like we both need to get our land legs back, though.
If you don't want to fall,
you're more stable like that.
First impressions are important. I am not going to meet Winston's parents walking on all fours.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3462


I guess I should get my old cane from my cabin.
I haven't needed this to stand since I was a teenager.
Does it make me look immature?
You look fine. Though you might want to remove the Hello Kitty sticker.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3463


How is Sam doing in this higher gravity?
I'm doing great!
Admit it. You're envious you didn't think of this first.
I am not envious.
Well, maybe a little.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3464


Look who got to sleep the entire trip and is now walking around normally.
Heh. I guess there are a few advantages to having genes designed for this.
Isn't there anyone in the control room?
The ship is now going to tell you how much better it is at maneuvering than humans are.
That is true. But in this case, it is because we have already docked.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3465


I need to meet with the dockmaster and handle the transfer of our inventory.
No. You go meet Winston's parents. I'll do this.
This is where a.i.'s fail. You're friendly, reasonable, and want to please people.
This is trade. You want an unreasonable, selfish pain in the ass to handle your negotiations.
I'm going with her. I might pick up some tips.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3466

Meet the parents

Everything seems to be in order. Welcome to the Pournelle/Niven transfer station.
Son. Ms. Ambrose, I presume.
Florence, this is my dad.
Ahhh! Look at her! She's like a big puppy! I said she'd exhibit neoteny!
Uhm, hi?
And this is my mom.

Color by George Peterson


Freefall 3467

Meet the parents

That's how he did it! I knew your head was too small.
The skull has limited space for neural material. Outside of the skull, you still want bone for protection. Run it under an armored spine and you can increase the amount of neural material and still keep it protected.
I can feel the armored spine stops where it meets the hips, otherwise, you'd have a tail like a platypus. That was probably done for aesthetic reasons.
Tess, she is meeting you for the first time. Please dial it back to eleven.

Color by George Peterson

Up to eleven (выкрутить до одиннадацати) - идиома, означающая использование чего-то на полную или запредельность. Известность получила после демонстрации в фильме усилителя со шкалой от 0 до 11, когда настоящие усилки, обычно, имели только до 10. (Mitrill) Осталось упомянуть сам фильм “Это - Spinal Tap” (1984) (SilverMysth)

Freefall 3468

Meet the parents

You must excuse my wife. She is quite excited about the opportunity to examine one of Doctor Bowman's creations.
I am Gregor Mendel Thurmad. You may call me Mr. Thurmad. We have prepared a room for you. Please follow me.
So, what do you think?
I'll be fine as long as the room has a big enough bed for me to hide under.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3469

Sam on the move

The docking fee is higher than we agreed.
Maintenance problems. There are fewer working cargo airlocks, so we need to charge more for them.
The ship's owner is Sam Starfall. Be a shame if he felt cheated and took steps to make up the difference.
Sam Starfall!? I thought he was an urban legend!
Excuse me. What size bolts are holding this thing down?
Things have been quiet lately. How about I give you a ten percent discount from our initial price?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3470

Sam on the move

Why are your cargo airlocks out of service?
We sent the pumps out for a periodic rebuild. They haven't come back.
What's the problem?
Some say the shop is being difficult. Others say it's because they're having problems with parts and labor as well.
But mostly I think it's because we haven't paid them for the last pumps they rebuilt.

Color by George Peterson

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