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Freefall 3311 - 3320

Freefall 3311

Mho knew of a nearby sqid who was very enthusiastic about building lairs and felt he would be useful in the upcoming heist.
And that is how Mho met Lairee, the first of his companions.
Lairee had a neighbor. A squid with very long arms that he kept coiled up and everyone called him Coily. He agreed to join the quest.
As they set off to Bob's lair, it became apparent that each had their own idea of which way to go.
Taking charge, Mho realized what should short trip could be a very long journey.
Eventually, they made their way to Bob's lair and waited for maker god to leave.
Mho demonstrated the type of obstacles they would need to overcome.
And thus, the three companions ventured deeper into Bob's lair, ensuring no trap they passed remained armed.
Finally, they made it to where the fire was kept.
They couldn't figure out how to move it until Lairee used his head.
Improving on Lairee's technique, Mho took the fire and the three companions fled back along the way they came.
After exiting Bob's lair, Lairee and Mho began having second thoughts.
Neither one knew how the maker god might react to the theft of his fire and neither one wanted to face the wrath of Bob.
And that is how Coily was given the honor of being firekeeper for the first night.
Bob returned home to find all his traps had been set off and a piece of his fire was missing.
There were many sqids living nearby. Bob stepped into the night air to think of how to determine which one was responsible.
Turns out, it wasn't that difficult.
Bob spoke to Coily, telling him that fire was too dangerous for sqids. Coily didn't get it, no matter how much Bob explained.
Finally losing patience, Bob bopped Coily on the head, took his fire and went home.
It was then Coily understood the danger. Having fire causes gods to come by and hit you.
Mho and Lairee came out of hiding. Seeing that Coily wasn't injured, Mho declared that they would steal fire again in the morning.
Having listened to the conversation, Lairee thought Bob made some good points. But Mho was never one to let logic or common sense distract him when he was on a mission.
So once again, the three companions entered Bob's lair. And once again, Mho cautioned them about the types of traps they would be facing.
After successfully setting off disarming Bob's traps and stealing fire for the second time, it was decided that Lairee would be the firekeeper for the second night.
Having seen how Bob found the fire before, Lairee built a hut over the fire so that Bob wouldn't see the light.
And it worked. Bob did not bop Lairee that night.
He waited until morning.
Bob strode over and pulled off the hut's roof, determined to teach Lairee the error of his ways.
Change of plans. Bob would first resuscitate Lairee and then teach him the error of his ways.
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