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Freefall 3251 - 3260

Freefall 3251

Captain's Log. Eight days before liftoff. More and more robots are coming to the city and they all want to see the humans.
The chief had to stop them from bringing gifts. The robots were giving them to the first human they saw.
Hopefully this will prevent any more people from being buried.
Captain's Log. Seven days before liftoff.
Florence is checking the control systems. All of them.
Me? I'm taking another nap.
When you have the right people, paranoia can be delegated.
Captain's Log. Six days before liftoff. Accounting test today.
Accounting teaches how humans keep track of things and how much can disappear before it attracts attention.
As odd as it sounds, the way to steal the most money is by not being greedy.
Captain's Log. Five days before liftoff. Some plants grow best from cuttings.
We've got pods of wasabi and basil and oregano.
When you include shipping, each worth hundreds of times their weight in gold.
This might be a bad time to bring up that I've killed every plant I've ever owned.
Captain's Log. Four days before liftoff. Winston brought his carnivorous tribble mop with teeth dog to stay with Niomi's family.
He brought food, his bed, his toys, and his favorite treats.
I don't know if it's separation anxiety or if he's trying to impress Florence with how good he'll be with wolf pups.
Captain's Log. Three days before liftoff. The station wants a kidney dialysis machine.
Florence and Helix insist on shipping it at cost. They put human wellness above profit every time.
Considering how good human A.I. is, it's nice to know there's one area where I'll always be able to outperform them.
Captain's Log. Two days before liftoff. Winston went into hibernation. I picked up a new set of marking pens.
Florence took one look and threatened to do uncomfortable things to me.
She'll change her mind once the boredom of the trip sets in and Winston looks more and more like a blank canvas.
Captain's log. One day before liftoff. The happiness of a community depends on having someone who everyone loves to hate.
Now, I'm going to be gone for weeks. No one to keep things interesting. People will blame each other when items go missing.
I hope I don't have to cut my trip short because this place can't survive without me.
Captain's log. Zero days before liftoff.
[!1.9]Start the ship!
[!1.9]Start the ship!
[!1.9]Start the ship!

Happy Fool Day!

[!1.5]Where's the ice cream? There's supposed to be ice cream after a chase.
No ice cream? Not even ovalkwik ripple?
I don't know what ice cream is, but I want some! And pickles!
Okay, everyone! Back to your own comics. This ain't the only fourth wall I gotta fix today.

Jack Black from 21st Century Fox, Songween from Carry On, Gav from Nukees, Sgt. Schlock from Schlock Mercenary, A dingbot from Girl Genius, Flora from Two Kinds, Kevin from Kevin and Kell, Tinhead from S.S.D.D., and finally, Doc from The Whiteboard

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