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Freefall d0266

Freefall 2661


Go! You have sixty seconds before the plane takes off again!

Warning! Direct order violation! Non-disclosure. No base material may be removed without written permission from the base commander.

Oh, nuts!

Don't stop! Only twenty seconds left!


Fifteen seconds!

Ten seconds! She's on board! Go! Go!

Helix, thank you for bringing a spare set of clothes.

Well, you are getting kind of predictable.


Ms. Ambrose, as soon as you're seated, we'll leave hover mode and be on our way.

I am so glad to see you guys. Chief, do you still have your wallet?

Strangely, yes.

Sam! You really were worried about me!

Режим висения (kerulen)


Do you know why you were taken?

Clippy wanted me to re-enable the neural pruning program. It was supposed to make Mr. Kornada rich.

He was after the robot bank accounts. Most had “ecosystems unlimited” as the beneficiary. Destroy the robots, all that money starts to move.

Has that been fixed?

Not properly. They patched the operating systems rather than go with the obviously superior solution of having all robots list me as their beneficiary.

Завещательное распоряжение и Наследование денежных вкладов
А также для денег свойственно двигаться.


What's on the base? Is it full of secret alien spacecraft? Or maybe ancient artifacts of power like JPL peanuts or Sikorsky's fedora?

I've signed a non-disclosure agreement. I can't discuss the base.

I can discuss pizza. Is that my pizza? Extra meat, no sauce, no cheese, no bread?

It is. You may have the pizza when we reach normal cruising altitude.

Chief, as the person sitting between a hungry carnivore and food, can you give it to her now?

Сикорский, Игорь Иванович и его шляпа (англ.)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory она же Лаборатория реактивного движения и её арахис


What kind of meat is this?

Mostly fish and crickets. Some poultry, though that's still expensive.

A few robots are convinced we can get out of the biological production of food and go completely to manufactured. They see the sewage system as part of a cycle to return food back to the table.

They need to work on their marketing, though. Robots are fine with rechargeable batteries. Humans? Not so keen on the concept of rechargeable poop.


Ms. Ambrose. Sam has something to say about how you came to be in his employ.

I do?

It would be best that she finds out from you.


Can we switch seats first?



You saw my ship. I needed an engineer. For a couple of cases of brandy, the shipping clerk said he could get me one.

I was told I was bumped off the starship for a C.E.O.

True. However, had no one interfered, you would have been left in cold sleep and placed on the next starship to dock here.

Wait, wait, wait. Florence was on the planet and didn't have to be smuggled down from orbit? That job's only worth one case of brandy! That shipping clerk owes me a refund!


Look, before you get mad, it all worked out, didn't it? If you weren't here, the neural pruning program would have gone active and all the robots would have been disabled.

Of course, if you weren't here, Mr. Kornada would have drowned in the storm and his plan would have never started.

You bribed a shipping clerk, I was taken out of cold sleep early, and because of that… I saved a human life.

I saved a human life.

You saved Mr. Kornada! Chief, tell her that one doesn't count!


Are you upset with me because I'm not upset with you?

Well, yeah. You get mad at me, maybe tear off a body part (nothing that doesn't regrow), I apologize, we move past this. You don't get mad and it's going to linger.

Sam, this has been a very exhausting day. I'm not up to getting angry with you right now.

Can I take a rain check and be upset with you later?

That's all I ask.

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