Freefall 2461 - 2470

Freefall 2461

Florence gets out for a walk


FLAT ON THE GROUND NOW! Uhm… Okay. I guess that will do. Stay still, the capture drone will pick you up.

At least I'm out of the cold. Comfortable, even if there isn't a lot of room.

I mean, REALLY comfortable. I've never been in a capture drone before, but I'm thinking a mini bar isn't standard.

Florence gets out for a walk


There goes our forty million! All because you couldn't do what needed to be done!

Forty million! That could buy passage for every one of our relatives to this planet! Here, they would at least have the opportunity for a good life!

Ever hear the phrase “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”?

Yes. It sounds very good until you're designated as one of the few.

Florence gets out for a walk


There's still a chance we can make money on this.

I say we come clean. We get the robot and call the commander.

Coward. The robot said what it was doing was legal. You know what I say?

I say we're hosed. Let's come clean and call the base commander.

Nice to know we're in agreement.

Florence gets out for a walk


So that's a Bowman's Wolf. Question is, what is it doing here?

The obvious answer would be that it's looking for Doctor Bowman.

Safest thing to do is keep it in the drone until the fabber can print off a remote. Don't let it know Doctor Bowman is here and don't let Doctor Bowman know it's here.

Suppose Doctor Bowman already knows it's here?

Darn it! I knew we needed a better firewall on that coffee machine!

Фаббер – трёхмерный принтер. Сегодня могут печатать только корпуса электронных устройств, в мире Freefall, очевидно, способны создавать устройства целиком.
Алсо, “интернет вещей” в действии. (KALDYH)

Florence gets out for a walk


Commander, one of my wolves has made it all the way to my front door. Surely you're going to allow me a visit?

No. It's too dangerous.

I'm old. My reflexes are much slower now. She'll be fine.

The answer is still no.

Drone feed just went dead.

How long have you been able to hack the drone?

That's not important. What is important is I gave you the chance to save face and agree with me. Isn't that proof I've mellowed enough to have visitors?


Florence gets out for a walk


Control signal lost. Drone in autonomous mode. Occupant detected. Beacon located. Descending into containment compound.

Enter the containment building. Noxious gas will be released in thirty seconds. Enter the containment building.

Fence. Barbed wire. Gas cylinders on the outside of the fence. They planned well except for the tiny detail of the locked door.

Doctor Bowman, I presume?



Come in! Come in, and know me better, wolf. You have never seen the like of me before!

I'm Doctor Bowman. You've done well. I never expected one of you to ever find me.

You're Doctor Bowman?

I know, I know.

Somehow, you expected me to be taller.

Первые слова доктора похожи на обращение Призрака Рождественского Подарка к Скруджу в “A Christmas Carol”. Доктор не только заимствует своё имя от персонажа фильма “2001: A Space Odyssey”, но и обнаруживает сходство с другими его персонажами
Марк Стенли – скромный нагибатель шаблонов (Robot Spike)

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


Safety first. Put on this transponder. No arguments.

I've activated my shock collar. If I get within one meter of you, it will shock the monkey snot out of me.

This is my tantrum room. We'll be able to talk here. If we disagree, there's plenty of targets for me other than you.

This is not how I pictured meeting my creator at all.

Фраза, произнесённая доктором Боуманом – отсылка к песне “Shock the Monkey”:


Doctor Bowman, I presume?


Doctor Bowman. Put the wolf in the security airlock. We'll take it from there.

No can do, Commander Poopy Head. Unauthorized biological. Quarantine is in effect.

We'll wear isolation suits.

Yes, except that someone stuck a screwdriver through the inner door. You'll trigger lab sterilization procedures. Fuel air mist. Fire. Of course, I'll have rushed in to save my work.

Doctor, are you holding yourself hostage again?

Well, you can't expect me to hold the puppy hostage. We've barely met and I'm still trying to make a good first impression.

Doctor Bowman, I presume?


Doctor Bowman, I want the wolf out of there. You are too dangerous.

I am dangerous. However, I know my limitations. I can compensate.

Besides, aren't you happier knowing that I designed your brain instead of some dumb old human?


See? She's thrilled. Now stop making me angry. I don't like me when I'm angry.

Доктор Боуман цитирует “Невероятного Халка”

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