Freefall 2411 - 2420

Freefall 2411

Sam figures it out


No, you can't have it. That's mine.

[!1.2]Hey! Don't you point that smile at me!

Для тех, кто в танке – Сэм пытается воспользоваться подходом Флоренс. (KALDYH)
Предположение некорректное: Сэма просто осенило, что у роботов есть имущество, и теперь он довольно скалится на Кверти.

Sam figures it out


If something happened to you and Dvorak, who gets your stuff?

Anything you didn't steal would go back to Ecosystems Unlimited.

Officially, robots can't own anything. Unofficially, we control 99 percent of the economy.

So, if you guys are disabled, 99 percent of the economy becomes untethered. With proper direction, that could make someone very rich.

It's brilliant! A rip off on the scale of a star system! Mr. Kornada would fit in great back home!

When this comes out, your home planet may be the only safe place for him. Which means, we robots will support any plan you have to send him there.

Sam figures it out


While I admire the scope, Mr. Kornada is new at this. He's making an amateur's mistake.

You don't kill the people you're stealing from. You want them alive and productive so you can steal from them again and again.

The tentacled horror from beyond my stars spoke, and Von Neumann help me, in my madness, I understood its words.

Oh, come on! I'm giving you a sustainable business model here!

Джон фон Нейман
Источник цитаты неизвестен. На форуме комикса предположили, что Кверти перефразирует что-то из мифов Ктулху, или, возможно, одно из высказываний своего наставника Макса Поста. (KALDYH)
Там скорее “из-за известных мне звёзд” написано. Можно попробовать перевести как “из неизвестной части вселенной” или вариации на эту тему, но смысла особого не имеет. Если это цитата из Лавкрафта – постараюсь найти. Вероятнее(nbsp)– просто стилизация.))(Durable)
Eldritch Abomination из Лавкрафта (Robot Spike)

Sam figures it out


It's a bank job?

More like insider trading on a massive scale.

Sam discovered it. I'm sending him over to talk to you. He's describing… things… Things I can't bear to think about.

If I listen to him much longer, I'm going to lost my grip on reality.

And if you're a government and you spend more than you take in, you can keep borrowing money forever with no repercussions!

Марк Стэнли устами Сэма в открытую троллит экономическую политику США, однако.
Я попытался объяснить понятие “insider trading” в рамках самого комикса, дабы не прибегать к сноскам. Правда, я не экономист, так что мог и ошибиться (KALDYH)
Однако CoTAN не позволяет так вольно обходиться с длиной перевода, поэтому объяснение в сноске всё же потребуется (Robot Spike)
Инсайдер – источник ценной коммерческой информации внутри фирмы, использующий или сливающий её на сторону с целью получения барыша

Sam figures it out


Blunt has a point. Conscious machines can be dangerous. This is all about the threat we represent to the human race.

No, it's not. It's about money. Mr. Kornada wasn't trying to save the human race. He was trying to rip you off.

Wait, what?

Sam, can't you walk five meters without damaging someone's worldview?

I could, but what fun would that be?

Sam figures it out


With the robots disabled, their assets would be invested in waves. Pick the right stocks and a person could make a fortune.

Obvious once you know what to look for. (We've got to get the robots some financial privacy.)

We're talking a lot of money here.

Yes, we are.

I believe a ten percent finder's fee is customary.

In your dreams, squidface.

Sam figures it out


We'll discuss my reward later. What are you up to now?

Trying to set up a public debate.

I didn't count on a robot like Blunt. He's got a lot of the other robots convinced that the neural pruning program is a good idea.

You know, in a temporary scaled back version, this program could get robots drunk.

Dvorak, let's solve one problem before creating others.

Наверняка отсылка к известному алкоголику-нагибателю

Или на Механическое эго Генри Каттнера

Sam figures it out


The robots are scared that they might become a threat to humans. Humans are scared for the same reason. Blunt is feeding that fear.

Fear is easy. Fear is cheap. Instead of fear, we're going to give the people hope.

Fear vs. Hope. Hardly an even match.

That's because you think of hope as something light and fragile. My version of hope has calluses and dirt under the fingernails and isn't past bringing brass knuckles to a fight.

Sam figures it out


If humans show they want the robots around, we can work through this.

Blunt would be easy to underestimate. He thinks slowly and he speaks slowly.

And for someone so slow, he moves fast.


[!1.2]Don't let this happen to you. Support the Robot Neutralization Act.

Sam figures it out




Posters. Blunt hasn't realized we're in a post scarcity situation.

There are 20,000 adult humans on the planet. There are over 450 million robots.

I don't need posters to get the word out. I have robots speaking to every single human being on the planet personally.

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