Freefall 1591 - 1600

Freefall 1591

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


Now take your A.I. Do you pay her?

I'm going to. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Do you treat her well?

Of course. I mean, I did set her tail on fire once. But only once and it was for her own good.

Would you treat a human who worked for you that way?

Pretty much. Though with Florence I always leave myself a little more running room.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


How is our Bowman's Wolf working for you?

Good. Are they all like her?

I'm not sure. I've only read the general files. They're all based on the same design, so I expect they're rather similar. I could see if there are any personal files on her.

Let's go!

The secret to a happy life is never pass up the opportunity to eat, sleep, or gather possible blackmail material.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


A lot of red flags in the Florence Ambrose file. Alpha personality. Highly aggressive. Does not wait for instructions. Actively pursues problems.

Does not automatically recognize authority. Actively resists orders she does not understand and approve of. Routinely scores in the lowest percentiles in obedience.

As Bowman's Wolves go, I got a good one!

As Bowman's Wolves go, you got a defective one!

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


We could make some adjustments. Take her brain chemistry to manual, increase production of serotonin and oxytocin…

Let's not. I like Florence's brain where it is.

Then you'll have to sign a waiver stating that you're responsible for her actions.

As long as it doesn't say I'm responsible for my actions.

And we'll need to send a copy to the Mayor's office.

Please do. She'll appreciate that I'm trusted with keeping someone else out of trouble.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


With as much control as you have, Bowman's Wolves can't rebel. That's going to cause problems down the line.

Your people and mine are alike. The only thing that keeps leaders in check is the knowledge the population can rise up against them.

By eliminating the Bowman's Wolves ability to string you up by your own intestines, you've removed them from a very important part of the political process.

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


Best to be properly dressed if I'm going out looking for a bathroom. The last thing I want here is to look like an escaped lab experiment.

I can smell Sam and another Human, about five minutes old. I was here too. I don't recall any of this. Has something been done to my memory?

This human is lucky I need a bathroom or I'd be hunting him down. His scent is all over me and I don't remember changing clothes!

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


The bathroom is that way. I'm giving you a pass card just in case.

The new security A.I. is as dumb as a rock. If there's a fire and you leave the building without a card, it treats you as an intruder. Our old A.I. was much smarter.

At least it understood when there's an emergency and the guard house is down, when rescue workers come on site, DON'T SHOOT AT THEM!

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


Okay, what am I doing here? Oh, a bathroom. I need a bathroom.

Something's been done to my memory. I need to compensate for this. I still need to talk to someone in robotics.

Which means I can't afford to stop here like a wind up toy just because my biological clockwork's run down.


Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited



Find something to write on. Find something to write on. A pen! Find something to write on. Sticky notes!

Now that I have something to write on, I have no idea what it was that I wanted to write down.

Reminds me of a wonderful film by Takashi Koizumi “The Professor's Beloved Equation” (Yuhmik)

Off to Ecosystem's Unlimited


What was it I wanted to write down? The last thing I remember is the lab… Memory malfunction! I need to write this down!

Taking stock. I'm dressed. No escort. Passcard. Sam smell, about ten minutes old. Soap, recent. My memory must have glitched in the last thirty seconds or so.

Have I been at robotics yet? Duh! I can walk over there and check for my scent. Honestly, without a nose I wouldn't know if I was coming or going.

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