Freefall 0681 - 0690

Freefall 0681

Arrival at the mall


Robots with clothes. I take it you're wearing them for social reasons rather than the need for protection?

Yes. We're finding humans see us as more civilized when we wear clothes. I can foresee the day when it's expected of us.

Why aren't you wearing clothes?

Because I CAN foresee that day! I need to enjoy being a public nudist while I'm still able!

Arrival at the mall


That is a big scanner.

Yes. Some of my clients are large enough to need a drive through.

If you will please remove your outer garments in the pre scan room and step into the scanner, we'll get started.

Your fur is keeping me from getting a good scan. Is there anything you can do to get less… fuzzy?

I'm in my summer coat. This is as unfuzzy as I get.

Atahbi Mzzkiti из Freighter Tails тоже рада примерять униформу

Arrival at the mall


I'm tossing this out to the net. Ah, here we go. A way for the scanner to see you as less fuzzy.

A bucket of water?! That's what you come up with?! Soaking me with a bucket of water?!

Don't be so surprised. Over a thousand robotic minds worked on this. You should have known we'd devise a brilliant solution.

Рецепт окатить Флоренс ведром воды и в самом деле был подсказан Марку Стэнли участниками форума по комиксу. (KALDYH)

Arrival at the mall


How's it going?

Good. I've got her basic scan. We're now doing motion capture.

I've got her walking, stretching, bending, and sitting. Can you think of any other motions she might be called on to perform?

Hmm. Fetch. Beg. Stay. Roll over. Play dead.

Niomi, you're not helping.

Celeste Smith (aka Toktobis) из Midnight Fox

Arrival at the mall


Motion capture complete. You may step out of the scanner.

Thanks. Are there any towels out there? I'm still soaked.

I don't carry towels, but easy enough to make one. Some terry cloth, a few personal touches, cut, sew, and… done.

Thank you. I'll give that to Florence.


Ах, Триак, наш безумный деятель культуры… (Tambov)

Arrival at the mall


I can wear a robe you made, but I can't dry myself with the towel you made?

Yes. No crude rubbing. A terry robe will dry you by absorption, keeping this shop at the level of style it is known for.

Here, have a towel.

No need, thanks. I'm dry now.

Arrival at the mall


I must set up the stage. Would you please review your scan stats?

Height, okay. Mass, 36.8 kilograms. 36.8 kilograms?

I suppose it's possible I've lost that much. I really need to get back to my normal weight.

Can you design clothes with the expectation that I'm going to gain a few kilograms?

No worries. I always do.

Первую фразу несколько изменил. Перевод теперь более русский. (БТРкО)
Нормальный вес Флоренс – 41 кг. Немудрено, что Винстон с легкостью её на руках носил. (KALDYH)

Arrival at the mall


The stage is set. We'll be using holograms until we get designs you like.

I can also interpret others from your scan to create social situations. For instance, what would you want to wear when meeting a 2.6 meter doggy singing baritone?


Oops. Scaling error. Just a moment.

Arrival at the mall


I could do some fantastic designs if you let me add a few support rods and hooks to your frame.

It would involve body piercing, a little welding, but I think you'd find the results to be well worth it.

Let's stay with the basic chassis, okay?


Arrival at the mall


Well, let's get started. The first outfit I'm putting on your scan model uses classical african design.

I could never wear that in public.

Sure you could. It may look fragile, but I assure you it's quite durable and everything is machine washable.

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