Freefall 0671 - 0680

Freefall 0671

Arrival at the mall


I'm surprised this place has a kindergarten. Most people I know prefer their children learn in virtual reality.

There's not a lot of people here, so I like Hazel to get as much face to face socialization as she can.

And Hazel says people treat her nicer when she's able to kick them.

Well, yes. There is that, too.

На плакате Otookee (фото).

Arrival at the mall


I need to get to school as well. Bye, Mom, Ms. Ambrose.

Bye, Sweetie. We'll meet back here about two o'clock.

Now we can go shopping. Let's go to the mall and scan in.

Iris-retinal scan failed. Please place your eye against the lens and try again.

This could be worse. It could have been a fingerprint scanner.

Arrival at the mall


Wall scanners give me no end of problems. It's almost impossible to get my eye close enough and at the right angle.

Scan failed.

Scan failed.

Scan failed. Scan failed. scan failed. <BIP> Right eye scan satisfactory.


Due to number of failed scans, a second verification is required. Please present left eye to the lens for scanning.

Arrival at the mall


We're in. What should we shop for first?

Clothes. I need clothes. I hope there's a human tailor here.

Can't find it?

Ask Information.

I have an extra item to tailor for. Robots tend to ignore it and follow my instructions as if I were human.

When I tell them I want to leave my tail uncovered, I get outfits that are… interesting, but not suitable for wearing out in public.

Arrival at the mall


Good Morning. Welcome to the White Pony Mall and…


Nice reverb.

I'm glad at least one of us is getting used to that!

White Pony появится ещё не один раз

Arrival at the mall


Clothes are much nicer now. Last year, all we had were P.H.B.'s. Fabric made from bacterial plastic.

Now the oceans are developed enough for us to harvest seaweed. The cloth made from that is much more comfortable.


Yes. Our governor is really happy about it. He felt no one was taking him seriously when he wore his plastic pants.

Кин-дза-дза? (Robot Spike)

Arrival at the mall


Enter. You are not worthy of my designs, but if you grovel, perhaps I shall let you make an appointment.

Hi Triac. I brought a friend.

?? …It's…it's a… It's a DOGGY!

Yes. Doggy. Hi.

I just completely destroyed my atmosphere of condescending superiority, didn't I?

No worries, special circumstances. You can be rude to us next time.

Triac – симметричный триодный тиристор

Arrival at the mall


Triac, this is Florence Ambrose. She needs some clothes.

Florence Ambrose. A pleasure to meet you.

I'm glad you came to me. A scanner would have treated you like a human. Your tail, your legs, that you walk on your toes, all must be considered for a proper clothing design.

I knew this guy would be able to fit you.

Of course. That IS the advantage of dealing with a real person instead of a machine.

Arrival at the mall


What are you talking about, Triac? You are a machine.

Niomi, that's not exactly true.

Technically, humans are animals. But you have traits that distinguish you from animals, such as language and culture. It's the same with robots. They're not machines, they're people.

Sheesh. Next you'll be telling me you'll call the cops if I kick my Mr. Coffee.

Oh, no. We have a humane society for that.

Arrival at the mall


Those robots are wearing clothes!

Of course. What else did you expect to see in the shop of a robot tailor?

Каламбур; по-английски “робот-портной” и “портной для роботов” звучат и пишутся одинаково. Триака касаются оба смысла. (Tambov)
Подправил, так этот каламбур очевидней. (KALDYH)

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