Freefall 0491 - 0500

Freefall 0491

Sam to the rescue!


You guys want anything to eat or drink?

FREE FOOD! Let me give you a hand!

I'll have better luck with the doctor. My attempts to make Florence suspicious and drive them apart are backfiring.

Her problem is she doesn't think in terms of guile and deception. Humans I understand pretty well, but Florence is just plain alien.

Sam to the rescue!


I can get you something …or you can rummage around on your own.

Thanks. What's in this container way in the back of the refrigerator?

I don't know. Whatever it is, it's been left in there too long.

I have to agree.

When something has been aged to this state of perfection, the time to eat it is right now.

Sam to the rescue!


Time to get to work on breaking these two up.

Florence is looking pretty bad.

She's been through a lot.

Yeah, but she looks really bad. Normally she looks about a hundred times better than she does now.

That should do it. Human attraction is based on appearance. There's no way he's going to be interested in her now.

Sam to the rescue!


Is that all the food you're bringing Florence?

It's only a token amount. She won't eat it. Except for a grasshopper, she hasn't eaten anything.

She's lost enough blood that her body is trying to conserve by not using any for digestion. It'll be a few days before she accepts anything but liquids.

She's a hard worker and for the next few days I don't even have to feed her? What a great employee!

Sam to the rescue!


Splish, splash. Splish, splash. Stomp in mud and take a bath.

Sam has picked the lock and gone inside. I get to play in the rain until he gives me a sign to follow.


Ohhh! Smoke signals using my components own magic puffs of smoke. Sam must want me to come in now.

Sam to the rescue!



I'll get that.

Hi, hi! Where's the doggie?

I put him in the bedroom. Two doors down.

This is the first hurricane I've been in where the hurricane is the least interesting thing that's happened.



Sam to the rescue!


No! Stop! Don't open that door!


Some people have dogs that get in the trash. Others like to dig up the garden. Me? I get a dog that has his little heart set on causing an interstellar incident.



Sam to the rescue!


Captain Sam, are you all right?


No worries. I just had to show this dog of yours who's the boss.

I don't think we'll be having any more trouble.

Sam to the rescue!



I was worried about you. Sam doesn't show it, but he was worried about you, too.

You're the first person we've had on the ship who's been gone twenty minutes and Sam hasn't sold their stuff.

Sam to the rescue!


When will Florence be able to leave here?

She can leave any time. Familiar surroundings might actually be best for her.

The thing to watch is that she's living off her reserves. She'll sleep a lot the next few days. Then, when she's rebuilt enough blood for digestion, you're going to have one very hungry wolf on your hands.

So what you're saying is that in two or three days, I'm going to have a highly intelligent, fast moving, starving, carnivorous alien life form on my ship.

Yep. Wolves are also most active at dawn and dusk, so this will probably happen while you're asleep.

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