Freefall 0461 - 0470

Freefall 0461

You ought to be in pictures


Ha! No one expected us to fly in a storm like this! The manual door controls weren't even locked! They didn't stand a chance of stopping us.

Flight control was too stunned to say a word.

They just smiled and waved goodbye.

Did you see that the station's security force was right behind us?

Yes. I hope no one strained themselves when they pushed us out to the runway.

You ought to be in pictures


Sam, what if we're too late? What if Florence doesn't want to come back with us?

I don't think there's much chance of that. But just in case, I have a brilliant plan B prepared.

I lure her inside with this rubber squeaky toy and you slam the door shut behind her.

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


That's you in this picture?

Yes. Until we reach adolescence, we look very much like a regular wolf.

Who's the boy?

That's Scott, my owner. He was just starting the third grade.

Did he ever want you to eat his homework?

Of course not. It was all done on the computer. He taught me to how to delete it instead.

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


Look at the time. I need to get dressed and check on the critters.

On getting dressed, do you have anything I can borrow?

How about this shirt?

That will be fine, thank you.

Man, she wasn't kidding when she said she was color blind.

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


I'm glad I gave Florence a different shirt. This one is ugly with a capital UGH!

It was a bit of a rough start, but we're getting along pretty well now. She's smart. She's fun to talk to . I wonder if she'd seeing anyone?

No. Stop. Get that thought out of your head right now.

It's questionable for a doctor to get involved with one of his patients. For a vet, it's right out.

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


So we can't be a couple. There's no reason why we can't be friends.

I mean, that's what canines are supposed to be, right? Man's best friend?

It's probably best for her as well. Florence is not a dog, she's a wolf. That's not something you want to try to domesticate.

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


Do you need a hand? Anything I can do to help?

No, I've got this. You keep off that leg and make yourself comfortable.

There's nothing here for me to fix. No one I need to look after. Really nothing here requires me here at all.

How am I possibly supposed to get comfortable in a situation like this?

И тут я влюбился (Tambov)
Йес! (Robot Spike)

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


Winston means well, but I'd rather be doing something than lying here.

I know he likes me. Humans don't lie by scent and don't seem to realize how much of their emotional state I can pick up that way.

Although most of them figure it out quickly enough after a game or two of poker.

Ну да, в покере важно держать, хм, poker face (Robot Spike)

Meanwhile, back at the vet's… филлер


There are really no persistent scents here other than Winston's. I wonder if he has a girlfriend?

Down girl. I don't think you're his type.

Let's face it. Not many men want to date a woman who has more hair on her chest than they do.

Другой колорист, другие цвета

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


I know what's going on. I was raised by humans. The society that shaped me was human. They're an amazing, beautiful, and attractive species.

I understand early industrial robots had the same problem. Some of them would form a very strong attachment to humans they liked.

At least I'm safer. When I form attachments I'm not using power tools.

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