Freefall 0381 - 0390

Freefall 0381

Sam the card flounder


Availability isn't the problem. Like a lot of other robots, Qwerty and I have chosen not to make any back ups.

You don't get it, do you? How can I explain this in a way you'll understand?

I know! We can make a copy of Sam!

As someone who's known Sam longer than you, I'd say that's a really bad idea.

Yeah. Suppose it turns out to be some kind of “good twin” and goes on to ruin my life?

Аллюзия на плохого Эша (Robot Spike)

Sam the card flounder


Making a copy of Sam is a bad idea.

No worries. It's just a hologram.

Good. A chain saw. We'll need this.

I do not like this plan!

Now we need to take the real Sam and cut off his head.

Though it's starting to grow on me.

Sam the card flounder


Stay back. You're not cutting off my head!

But why not? We made a copy of you. Doesn't that make you less deceased?

That's just a hologram. But even if it was a perfect copy, it doesn't change the fact that I, personally, would be dead.

Thank you. Now you know how we feel about back ups.

Give me the chain saw and I can show you how I feel about your teaching methods as well.

Sam the card flounder


We seem to have gone off topic. We came here to see what happened to Florence.

I don't know.

She was in the water, and the hurricane is at full force now.

Florence is safe and has found shelter. I know she has!

Helix, you may not want to get your hopes up.

What hopes? She's on the telephone. Do you want to talk to her?

Sam the card flounder


Florence is on the telephone? Now?


Heh. Florence is on the telephone.

Sam the card flounder


Back! Back! I get to talk to her first.

Florence is a member of my crew. I'm her captain.

It is my responsibility to tell her that none of this is my fault.


Sam the card flounder


Hi! How are you doing?

I'm okay. Did everyone make it to the spaceport all right?

Everyone made it here safely. Florence, it wasn't my fault! The robots took over the ship!

That's why everyone made it here safely?

Yes! I mean, No![/] Now stop that! You're breaking my concentration.

Sam the card flounder


Where are you, Florence? Helix and I can fly “The Savage Chicken” over there and heroically rescue you.

I'm at the animal medical center, Sam. I'm in no danger here. Why don't you wait until the storm is over?

Then you can heroically rescue me when it's safe.

Heroically rescue you when it's safe. Yeah. I can handle that.

Sam the card flounder


I've got the phone! Hi! Hi! Hi! Thanks for saving us. We didn't want to leave you behind! We're sorry!

Guys, I understand. You did what you had to do. In your situation, I probably would have done the same.

You mean, if human life were in danger, you'd abandon us to a wet squishy grave as well?

Oh, thank you! You can't imagine how much better that makes us feel!

Sam the card flounder


It's been a long day for me. I need to rest.

Okay. Before you go, is there anything we can do for you? Any way to show our gratitude?

Here's your chance, Florence. The amount you ask for should be large enough to make their eyes pop, but not so much that they won't pay it.

Thank you, but there's no need. We were just doing our duty.

She's a good engineer, but she still has so much to learn before she can start pulling her weight as a member as my crew.

To pull one's own weight – в прямом смысле – тянуть свой вес – отрабатывать своё существование, зарабатывать свою долю, короче – не висеть на шее у команды.

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