Freefall 0291 - 0300

Freefall 0291

Covering your tracks


Good evening. This is Rants Freely of Overhype News, bringing you the latest on hurricane Joe.

As you know, weather is a chaotic system. This entire hurricane might have had its start in the flapping of a butterfly's wings.

But since we like butterflies, we've decided to blame everything on this guy instead.

Covering your tracks


Hurricane Joe is now moving inland after picking up strength and Alferio's pasta barge.

If you're in a yellow area, evacuate or seek shelter immediately. If you're in a red area and not in an armored shelter, please listen carefully.

Overhype News has been entertaining you and never letting facts get in the way of a good story all your life. In your final moments, show your appreciation with a large cash contribution. Call now, operators are standing by.

Pick up strength – набирать силу. А просто pick up – подбирать, поднимать

Hurricane Joe is moving in


This is just like the simulation. Increase power. Pull back on the stick.

And we're flying! She did it! Florence fixed the ship! That woman is a genius!

Of course, I'm not going to let her know I think that. She might start making unreasonable demands, like wanting to get paid or something.

Hurricane Joe is moving in


























What happened?

We've lost skycam one!

Satellite view coming up. We've got a confirmed Sam Launch!


That should end any doubts of my piloting ability. Got it on the first try.

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Okay, let's see what this ship can do.

First, it's capable of making me really, really, nauseous.

[!0.6]TI LT

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Whoo! How's that for piloting, Florence? I just flew under a bridge!

Sam, we're headed into a hurricane.

Flying under a bridge only counts if it's intentional.

Now, now. Let's not get hung up on technicalities.

Hurricane Joe is moving in


I've found a path around the worst of the storm cells. It's been approved and the spaceport is expecting us in five minutes.

Approved? You mean they know we're coming?

That is the point of filing a flight plan.

My only hope is that no one on duty knows me.

There are some nice folks at this spaceport. A fire control radar just locked on to us. We can follow the beam right in.

Hurricane Joe is moving in


A second radar has locked on. With two beams guiding us, we can land on a dime.

This is odd. Why aren't they shooting at us?

Why aren't we shooting at them?

Budget interlock. The computer recognizes Sam and won't let us shoot a missile that's worth more than the predicted value of his ship.

So what are we supposed to do? Take him down with rubber bands and paper clips?

Still to expensive. The computer will only authorize up to spit wads.

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Sigh. Landing clearance granted.

Thank you, tower. There will be a delay as we're responding to a distress call.

[!1.3]YOU!? WHO!? WHAT!? WHY!?

It's the duty of every citizen to respond in an emergency. Uploading new flight plan now.

I thought you said that was Sam's ship up there!

I'm checking. It's still showing as Sam's ship. Must be a glitch in the system or something.

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Florence! What are you doing? I don't want to rescue people! I want to land and show off my ship!

They're right in the path of a storm cell. No one else can respond in time.

I want to rescue people!

Ship protocol requires rescue.

Then it's decided. We're doing this rescue.

Call me old fashioned. But as captain of this ship, I really think I should have some say in how it's run.

Флоренс из первого поколения ИИ и не может занимать руководящие должности. Очевидно, она сейчас обошла встроенную в неё блокировку (Robot Spike)
Мне кажется, тут первый закон чистой воды. Сэм – нечеловек, его приказы обладают меньшим приоритетом (ANDRoidFox)

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