Freefall 0281 - 0290

Freefall 0281

Covering your tracks


What's going on? What's the rush?

There's a hurricane coming. We need to move the ship to the spaceport's armored hanger.

You're getting the ship ready to fly?

Yes. If we don't move, we'll be destroyed.

Wow. Ever since we christened this ship, my luck just keeps getting better and better.

Covering your tracks


Hey! Wait! What happened with Pop Rivet?

Your friend wasn't home. I left the truck in his underground garage.

I'm going to have to talk to him about security, though. He has a good system, but the way it's installed allowed me to bypass it with just three jump wires.

She can do things like that and she's completely honest. What a waste of talent.

Covering your tracks


Helix! Great news! We're going to be flying into a hurricane!

We can't be held responsible. Any mistake we make, we can blame on the storm.

That's only if the damage we do is less than the damage from the hurricane.

Oooh. Good point. I'll try to fly conservatively so that doesn't happen.

Covering your tracks


Okay, let's log on and see what our status is.


[!2.6]You're back!


Sam and Helix must have taught the computer to do this. What a sweet pair of guys.

Machine rejoices ^_^ (Robot Spike)

Covering your tracks


Cross connect complete. Port reactor is now supplying both solid state engines.

Air turbines on line. Life support on line. And just as important…

Coffee maker on line.

Твердотельные приборы – приборы, не имеющие движущих и нагревательных частей.

Covering your tracks


Sam, where are you going?

Outside. The computer asked me to.

It wants me to stand as close as I can in front of the air jet engines while it starts them and does a 100% power test.

Come with me, Sam. I want to look at this computer.

But Florence, the test! It says this has to be done to protect the safety of all humanity!

Covering your tracks


Are you sure? The computer is trying to kill me?

Yes. It's an old human built system and sees you as a threat to its makers.

Well, that's only because it doesn't really know me.

I'm sure if we have a private little talk, we can work everything out.

Give me the wrench, Sam. We NEED this computer.

Covering your tracks


Computer, now that we're alone, we need to talk. You're not looking at the big picture here.

The biggest threat to an advanced species is complacency. They become so comfortable that they lose their ability to adapt. A big change comes along and they go extinct.

By selflessly providing a constant source of chaos, I keep this from happening. True, it's bad in the short run. But in the long run, people like me are vital to the survival of the human race.

Great news! The computer doesn't want to kill me anymore. Now all it wants is a really big bottle of Aspirin!

Covering your tracks


This ship's not fully repaired and we're about to fly into a hurricane. I don't think I've ever been so nervous.

And then there's Sam. So confident in his piloting abilities that even in this situation he can joke around. I really should try to be more like him.

Covering your tracks


The computer just unlocked the ship's controls. All flight systems are showing green. I'm ready to fly.

No longer shall I be earthbound! Limitless new possibilities await!

Why, it's almost as if one book in my life has ended and a new one is just about to begin.

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