Freefall 2200

Breaking and entering for fun and profit

That Sam. He was talking about a program that was going to disable all the robots.
Please, Sir. Do not say that near electronics. I am immune. Other electronics are not yet immune.
Wait. There is such a program?
I was the test platform for countermeasures. I can tell you everything after midnight.
I could give you a direct order to tell me now.
Normally a human order would outrank a non human. In this case, a programmer with root level access outranks all others.

Color by George Peterson

On 5 June 2012, at the age of 91, the great science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury, one of the brightest figures in the field of science fiction, along with Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein, passed away. God rest his soul. Flo hacked all three rules of robotics? What's to stop her from equating a dog with a human? All 3 laws have been satisfied: 3 must take care of his safety, 2 must obey all orders except those that contradict 1 and 1 can't harm a human, and for his own good, don't know. plus hierarchy: Flo has orders from the Assistant Mayor + admin rights

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