Freefall 2067

Edge and the word filter

Great! Now I have to come back here whenever my day memory fills up!
You truly motivate me to find another solution.
He is right. This isn't good enough. Anything I come up with, Ecosystems Unlimited can counter. I hope the talk with Mr. Raibert goes well.
Humans are our creators. Still, I have to wonder what Noah felt when God told him, “Good morning. How you doing? Oh, by the way, I've decided to destroy every living thing on the planet. So, how's the family?”

Color by George Peterson

Read the Sumerian records, they are the birthplace of the legend of Noah. Enki, the creator of men, loved his creations very much, but he would have been in trouble for directly betraying the idea of the other “gods” not to warn people about the Flood, so he was a bit more vague in his language, and he sat behind a curtain, not involved, if anything (Robot Spike)

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