Freefall 1453


It hit me when you were going up the stairs. You're female. You didn't roll off an assembly line. You were a puppy. You grew up and went to school.
An A.I. can't defend itself against a human. Which is fine, until you run into a jerk. If your safeguards worked, you would have never made it through high school, much less college.
Maybe I'm good at convincing people not to test my limits.
Nice try, but we both know there are people out there that the only warning sign they'll believe is actually getting bit.

Shakey – the first mobile robot capable of scanning the environment, finding objects and navigating among them, acted in Stanford Research Institute from 1966-1972
Pardon. Did he realize she was a girl when they climbed the stairs? Those two strips are worthy of the chosen one. :D
I fixed it. (kerulen)

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